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One more.. I promise. ^__^

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okee... this is the last one.. should be anyway

Pearl. She came in with her brother Magna. They were such fat little kittens! They were adopted out into the same home =)


Lucky! she was awesome.. I wanted to keep her so much! I had her for such a long time. She came to me at 6 weeks old, bad eye.. I cleaned it u and saw a bump.. too kher to the vet and her eye had an ulcer on it x__x I was given a cream or something to put into it and I was to return 10 days later, but had to make the appointmentealrier due to not being able to get the car that day.. and good thing too.. the ulcer was about to rupture! she has her eye sewn shut for 3 weeks. Theres a scar there now.. but its alright! I cried when she was adopted.

Silver. I had him for.. 5 days... he passed away on the 5th day. I toook him home because he was sick, hoping to make him better.. it didn't work. Out of 5 littermates, only 2 survived.

Bo! She was one of my favortie fosters. She was brought to me shaved completely.. she is a longhair calico girlie. Someone found her in their basement like this.
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Oh look at them! I could play with them all day
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It's so sweet of you to care for them.
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They're all lovely! Little Silver was gorgeous

Bless you for taking care of them
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What lovely kittens. Thanks for sharing.
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Aww poor things, there gorgeous
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They are all beautiful and lucky to have you!!! Keep it up!!
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Thanks everyone. They are beautiful little squirts. ^__^

I actually had to quit, due to the owner of the rescue center threatening me and my family.. but she is begging me back now.. so I am probably going to go back.. as long as she leaves my family out of things.
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