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telephone attack

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I have been reading everyone's problems...and needless to say I have one too. I have a male, neutered Himalayan, ten years old. This has been going on for years and it's driving me crazy trying to figure this one out...It seems that when I am on the phone my cat for some reason attacks my ankles. Sometimes just a bump and then again a reasonable bite. He has drawn blood at times. He is a very sweet loving cat and never attacks or bothers anyone or anything....just when I am on the phone at least 70% of the time. I wonder if he is jealous of not getting my attention or what. Anyway...does anyone have any solutions (other than closing myself in another room) or any ideas as to what may be causing this...thanks
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that he is jealous. I don't know if it is conveinent for you to sit on the floor or on his level when you are on the phone and see if that helps? He sounds like quite a character.
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This is what I have heard. People talk to their cats, people talk to other people in the home, but people rarely talk to themselves. So, when you are on the phone and your cat can't seem to leave you alone it's because they think you are talking to them (especially if there is no one else around). Try to keep a toy on hand to use to distract him (from your ankles) while you are on the phone, like a feather wand or a feather fishing pole. That way his actions are diverted from your body. It's hard to get cats to leave you alone when you're on the phone. Mine have actually tried to head but the phone out of my hand so that I could pet them.
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I would talk on the phone in another room - or pat your kidden while your on the phone... maybe that will satisfy the little.....:tounge2:
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Thanks Hissy for your advice. I haven't thought of getting down to his level.
I really don't think "Casey" is trying to be mean, but he is one something else to figure out!!!!!
Again thanks for writing me back. loved hearing from you...
( pr66)
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Fitz is the same way but only if I'm talking to a guy--I think in his case, it's jealousy.:tounge2:
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