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Cat poop problem... I need help! (sorry!!!)

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Recently my kitten has been having problems when he uses his litter box. I watched him this morning and it seemed like everything looked ok, but after he burried his poop he jumped out and started bucking and scooting his butt on the floor and I guess he hadn't finished because there was more just hanging out of him. I think he must be constipated or something.

This is so gross to have to talk about, but its even more gross to live with because he's leaving poop all over the bathroom. Is it a problem with what he's eating? We give him both wet and dry food. I guess he has been eating a variety of dry foods mixed together, since there were some small packages of different foods... is that the problem?

I can tell my little guy doesnt feel good about it. He seems so miserable.
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An itchy bottom can indicate worms - has he been wormed recently? It's difficult to comment on his diet without knowing what was in thepackets of food he's had - some foods are definitely better than others, especially for kittens. It is disgusting cleaning up poop, aren't we lucky that we all keep cats, who are usually the cleanest animals on the planet?!?

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He had deworming medicine a few weeks back, and has no symptoms of having worms. It wasn't so much an itching as much as he just couldnt get it all out.

I've been feeding him Royal canin babycat and kitten and also Purina kitten growth and development for dry food (the babycat chow got mixed in with the purina chow and sometimes he gets the royal canin kitten food also). And then for wet food he gets a pouch of wiskas tender bites at night. I figured since he ate both dry and wet food that its probably not that he's eating too much wet food (I think I read that a wet-food only diet can cause issues) but now that I think of it, maybe mixing the dry foods around is causing problems?

Its just getting kind of gross because when he steps out of the box and shakes the rest of the poop off he kind of flings it around the bathroom. I just want to know if theres anything I can do to help him.
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It could be a problem with his anal glands. You should take him to the vet and tell the vet that he is "scooting."
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It also could be an indication of Urinary blockage....

Emmet did the same thing....I just didnt realize what this symptom meant until he was near death..........get him checked out....if it is a blockage he could be in trouble
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Marlee had this problem just a few weeks ago! She didn't act like she was itching or anything, no scooting around the floor. But I think she was constipated, cause she would also have poop on her behind when she left the box! Although it was strange b/c her poop was still pretty soft, not hard like you think it would be with constipation. Anyways, I started giving her canned pumpking like was recommended on this site, and after a few days, the problem went away! Try this, maybe it will help you as well. But I would still call the vet to check and see what they think.
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Just regular canned pumpkin will help him out? Should I mix it with anything first? I wouldnt think a cat would eat that...
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The pumpkin will only help if he is consipated. Your kitty really should see a vet.
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You are feeding your kitten too much of a mixture of food. It sounds way to rich for him. One of those kitten foods would be sufficient for him. Add about a teaspoon of canned pumpkin to the food and also add some water to help him out.
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