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Is it safe?

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this is about the stray i've been feeding and providing bed and shed for for the last 3-4 months. He is still aggressive - hissing and spitting sometimes - but is generally a lot better. He is now getting to the stage when he really wants to come into the house. He rolls over outside the door and paws at it to come in. I let him into the ktichen when i'm getting his food ready but it seems this is no longer enough! My female cat has ahd all the jabs recommended in england - panleucopenia, viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and leukaemia and i wonder if it is safe for her to let him in? he's very interested in her and follows her around if she is outside, mioawing in pathetic way and is not aggressive. she will either ognore him or chase him away. Is he waiting to see if she's going to come into heat ( i can assure him, she won't!) as this is very recent behaviour. i can't get near enough to pick him up and take him to vets - can't even stroke him yet.
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I really think you need to take him to the vet first before allowing such close contact. However there are a few members on this board who have major experience in this area who will be able to
tell more than I. ....and good luck
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Trap him and cart him off to the vet, calling first to find out if they will do ferals, some do not. But it would be a lot safer for your other cat if he has been vet-checked. I assume from your post that she has been spayed. But even though he looks healthy to you, he does need a vet check.
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