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What is hanging from your rear view mirror?

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My truck has a small Bruce (the shark in Finding Nemo), One eyed Mike (Mosters Inc.)

And I am supposed to have a small stuffed Kermit the Frog that I bought in Toronto. But Zeke the Geek tore the head off his AND mine before I was able to hang it up. I bought him one knowing he would love it. He already killed a full size Kermie. His little eyes lit up like Christmas when he saw his for the first time. Then he realized two are better than one....GRRR Gotta love him....

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A little dream catcher I made
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My car (which is back at my parents place) has a purple hummingbird air freshner hanging from it.
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Jade beads.
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another mirror so i can see my kids in the backseat -- that way i dont have to adjust my rear view to see what my kids are doing and i can play eye blinking and toungue sticking out games with my kids while im driving. I can also see what my kids are arguing/fighting about. Its a great invention! wouldnt trade if for anything
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a Red Sox air freshner...and john's college tassle
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I have an orange Tennessee Vols visor.

Two cherries on a stem(it was an air freshener at one point, but it is too cute to throw away).

My favorite! "My Big Brown Hairy Balls". It is actually a hair band, that has two oversized brown, very hairy, pom poms on them. They are hard in the middle and they feel like... well, weird to say the least. I got them one year in my x-mas stocking(my mom loves to put funny, weird stuff like that in there).

Everytime someone gets in my car they squeeze them and ask what they are... and I seriously tell them..."Those are my big, brown, hairy balls!"
The looks on peoples faces!
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My school parking permit and a melon air freshner
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A pretty wooden rosary I bought in the Phillipines, and my parking permit for school.
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a star chrismas orniment that i got a target, right after i got my first car when i turned 16...it was the only thing i asked my dad to get from the car when it got totalled. so it is going to stay in my car forever...oh and my tassle from when i graduated high school....
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Nothing right now, but usually my parking permit for work.
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a discoball with a ring around it so that it looks like a planet and my 2002 college grad tassel from Ohio State (go Bucks!)
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The classic dice!
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2 smelly, fluffy red hearts
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All three of our vehicles have dream catchers.
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Nothing here either
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I've got a hawiian lei air freshener that is blue and some blue beads that match
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I've got some "Tabasco" beads from a party in New Orleans I went to, just 2 months before Katrina ripped through. Great memory with those beads.

I have another set of beads that I wore at MaiFest this year. Another great memory!

I also have a beaded / wire thingy that my daughter made me a year or so ago, and I wired on a dragonfly, a butterfly, and an Irish angel to hang from it.

And a red strand of beads, that came from beaded garland from my Christmas tree a couple of years ago!
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I have a crystal star from Australia that a friend sent me a couple of years ago. There's also an air freshener with fairy artwork from Amy Brown.
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Nothing from the rear view mirror (my daddy would be unapproving) but I do have a windchime hanging from the dash!
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I have a Macintosh air freshener from Yankee Candle hanging on the rear view mirror, and a tuxedo kitty sitting on the dashboard.
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a Corner Gas air freshner
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i have a yankee candle macintosh air freshener. that's all i ever have there - air fresheners!
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Originally Posted by laureen227
i have a yankee candle macintosh air freshener. that's all i ever have there - air fresheners!
Those are my favorite-Macintosh, yum!!
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A puffy red heart with a tassle on the bottom that has a place you put a picture in it--with a picture of Cupid in it.
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A deerskin medicine bag with handbead work in the shape of a star, bought in Salem, MA over 15 years ago. It's filled with various gemstones including Herkimer Diamonds that I dug up myself while I still lived in NY state.
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A chunk of rose quartz hanging on a thin strip of leather.
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