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No energy

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I recently adopted a 2 year old male. He is a perfectly healthy and loving cat, but he has no energy whatsoever. He seems to do nothing at all day or night. I've cut down on how often I refil his food but he is definitely gaining weight. The woman I adopted him from claims this is a new behavior. Any ideas on how to motivate him?
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You could try to play with him, do you have anything that he could play with? I have a two-year old male cat and he really likes to play, but if playing with him doesn't work then he must have just been born with the characteristic of lazyness Surely something will work
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First off rule off a health issue, if this is new cat he could be stressed or depressed in his new place and be sick.

Some ways to make a cat active-

Buy a good cat condo www.felinefurniture.com has good ones, as does www.catsplay.com Feed the cat on the top part of the condo.

Stop free feeding, if the cat isn't active, there isn't much reason to feed the cat a lot.

Buy a treat ball, this encourages interactive play and rewards them for being active.

Feed birds outside your window, install a window perch so the cat can jump up and watch the birds.

Buy a fish aquarium

Leash and harness train the cat and start taking him for walks
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