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The City of Santa Clara, in response to a complaint from a 3rd grade
> teacher at Eisenhower Elementary, regarding squirrels and rodents,
> an agenda item for Tuesday October 11, 2005, at 7pm at the City
> Chambers, to prohibit the feeding of ALL animals in public places,
> including birds.
> The wording is as follows:
> It is unlawful for any person to offer food to, to feed (or cause to
> fed) an animal, or to scatter food, seed, or other form of edible
> matter for animal consumption on any public property (which
> but is not limited to, public buildings, public grounds, streets,
> street right-of-way, sidewalks, driveways, parks, school grounds,
> public facilities, or any other public property) in the City.
> The original complaint was regarding feeding of squirrels and birds,
> which attracted rodents, which apparently came into the school.
> it is an oversight (?) that this would affect all those who are
> managing colonies in Santa Clara. One couldn't even toss bread
> to ducks in the ponds with this ordinance without subjecting
> to a fine. Could you even toss your dog a treat in the park?
> The analysis specifically states it is a wild animal problem with
> rodents, but has now turned it into much more.
> Any of you who live in Santa Clara need to let your council people
> how they feel about this TODAY, and/or show up at the council
> Tuesday. Please fax or email your council people.