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If you can spare a few prayers

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A cyber-friend's family is in great need!

A close friend, an excellent Horsewoman, a devoted mother, and an all around wonderful person died last week.

Vicki was one of the sweetest people that I knew. She had some of the most beautiful horses in the area, and just this summer, became the owner of a precious Arabian filly, a maiden foal out of a superb mare.

Her oldest daughter teaches riding lessons, when not attentding college. Her middle child is in eighth grade, and is absolutely lost without her Mother. The baby, three years old, doesn't have a clue what just happened. All she knows is that Mommy disapeared, and that she's living with her Aunt. Emily cries because she doesn't know where her pets are, where her Mommy is, or even where her sisters are.

Vicki had several horses, and six or seven dogs, including Caleb, a gorgeous Sheltie pup that she was getting ready to show.

She had been fighting Cancer for a long time. First in her Brain, and they beat that. Then in her blood, and they beat that. Then her breasts, and they beat that too. In her bones, beat that. Then, for almost a year, she seemed to be getting better. No sign of the Cancer, feeling stronger, and starting to "live" again. But about four months ago, they recieved the worst possible news. The Cancer was back in her brain. Untreatable, inoperable. It was growing at a horrendous pace, and they gave her no hope, and only four weeks to live. The nightmare stretched into four months. These last few weeks, knowing that she wouldn't leave the hospital this time, were torture for all of them. She had gone from a healthy weight to a skeleton. Wracked with pain, and so far gone that, although she knew everything that was going on, there wasn't enough healthy brain tissue for her to communicate with those she loved.

Although this is a horrible time for them all, I worry about the Thirteen year old. She doesn't smile, doesn't talk, doesn't eat. She is truly lost, not knowing how to live without her Mom. The oldest girl, is at least past the point of total dependence on her Mother, and the Baby has practically been raised by her sisters. Their Father doesn't know how to do it all. He works, he tries to raise his girls, and yet faces an empty bed, except for Caleb, who refuses to sleep anywhere but on Vicki's pillow.

This family needs as many prayers as they can get, and they have a long hard road ahead of them, living without Vicki, who had been the hub of the family, the person that kept everything together, running smoothly.
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That poor family. I will hold them in my thoughts & prayers. May their burden become easiier with time and love.
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It's very hard. At least they still have their dad, even tho' he is mourning too.

Thirteen is hard enough without this happening, although the college student isn't as independent as she'd like to think. I speak from experience on that . . . Anyway, it's okay for her to be quiet and withdrawn for a while. Part of it is natural for being that age anyway, lots of girls get very introverted around 13. To have this blow on top of it, I'm sure she needs lots of time to think and feel and process right now. I don't mean she should be left on her own because she could become depressed not merely grieving, but I hope they don't rush into medication so that she doesn't get a chance to actually feel her feelings. Unless thepain is unbearable, working through it is what will help her.

Wow. Definitely add them to my list . . .
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Oh Hissy, I will send mine too! Those poor girls and father, I hope the little one gets to be with her sisters soon. It's always better to be together than apart.
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Prayers coming from MD My sister was 14 when our mom died
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Hissy, do you know if your friend elected hospice services? If so, you might want to suggest to the family that the girl needs bereavement counseling, it is included in the cost of the service that your friend's insurance company or Medicare has already paid for. Even if she didn't, if there's any way the family can bear the expense of grief counseling, this poor girl needs it.

They are in my prayers.
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Thoughts and prayers going out to that entire family.
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My prayers are with this family. I just buried my Mother yesterday and miss her so much. I'm 41 years old and having a hard dealing with this. Can't imagine how hard this is for those babies to have lost their Mother. This helps me put my grief in prespective and how fortune I was to have my Mother for so many years. I wish there was some way I could help them with their pain--so they will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I am so sorry for your personal pain and anguish. I have not been where you are yet, but fear I soon will be and I also have no idea how I will handle it. I will pray your healing comes in time as you walk this new path of grief. hugs ((((((((()))))))))))))
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3 1/2 years ago I lost a close personal friend to cancer, and she also left a very young daughter behind, so I know how very devestating this death is for the remaining family members.

I will pray that their faith in God will give them strength and comfort, and that He will guide them through this difficult period.
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Prayers are being said and please pass on my condolances.

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Hissy....this is so very sad!!!! I am so sorry to hear about your friend and her children who are left behind and in pain. I will say a big prayer for them...keep us posted on how they are doing.

Missy....I am sorry to hear about your mother dying, also. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well. If you need to talk, we are here. I have been there, I have lost both parents in the past 4 years. It is hard, but time does help some.
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Plese let them know that they are in my thoughts and prayers. I feel terrible for the girls who will be without a mother and for the husband who lost his life-long partner.
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I personnaly find myself fortunate to atill have my parents and I hope for many more years to come. A friend of mine however lost her mother at age 14, a terrible age in general and then to have to deal with the death of mother. She did a lot of crying and hurting - her father did his best to console her. He is however the kind of man who never was able to show emotion and then to deal with an emotional teenager. Anyway she turned out great. But now at 41 the told me that she recently went to see a phsycologist to
help her find closure with some things incl. the death of her mother. This shows you have important an emotional support structure is no matter the age and if need be get professional to help one find the healthiest way possible of dealing with their loss.

My prayers and condolences to the family.
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My prayers are with that family....it gets me right herewhen I hear of kids losing one or both parents at that age. I'm 33 and I cannot even fathom what that feeling is like. When my dad lost his dad in '93, he bawled like a little boy. It doesn't get easier when you get older...especially if you are really close.
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Hissy that is soooo sad my thoughts, prayers and well wishes with the family, I hope that they overcome this tradgey.
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