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Guess What I get to Start Doing?!?!

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I am so excited!!! I just got off the phone with City Hall. I am going down there tomorrow to fill out my paperwork and then Thursday I get to start volunteering at the Animal Shelter!!! I am so excited. They really need help, I love animals, and I have a good amount of free time. So this is perfect! I am so happy.

The other thing that I hopefully get to start doing... Is working with the State Medical Examiner. I just talked to them as well. I have given the career idea of Medical Examination, specifically, some thought in the past and here lately. There are so many directions I want to take my medical career, so I figure the best way to decide is to actually go volunteer some hours down there and 'shadow' them. I have to actually go down to OKC to do a whole bunch of stuff before they okay me. Which is fine by me.

I am so excited. I just had to share the news.

Now, all that is left to find is a paying job...
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Wow! That's great Meagan! I hope you really enjoy it!!!
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Awesome!!! Good for you!!!
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Oh how wonderful!! I hope that you enjoy your volunteering! I wish I had enuf free time to help at our Humane Society...I would be in heaven!

Good luck with everything!!
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Way to go, Meagan!
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Meagan, that is terrific news. Congratulations!!!
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That's awesome Meagan!! I hope you enjoy your time there!

I volunteer at a local no-kill shelter every Friday evening, socializing the kitties (basically playing with them!!). I enjoy it sooo much.
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Thanks everyone! I am excited but scared at the same time. I have never worked at any shelters before. So I dont know what to expect.

I think I am more scared about working with the Medical Examiner/Coroner though. It seems creepy, but I dont think it will be so bad.
I am sure I will let ya'll know though!
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That's just wonderful news! Congratulations to you!
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Good for you!! I wonder how many new kitties you'll be bringing home!
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Very cool Meagan It's great to see you making a new start in your life- what a survivor . Working for the ME will be so cool- you'll get to see all sorts of neat gross stuff .
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