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Kittens with diarrhea

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Hello. I have 5 kittens of which I have noticed that at least 2 have diarrhea. I have also noticed a little bit of blood in the diarrhea. They've had it for 2 days maybe 3. They are not using the litter box all of the time. They were preffering to go by my computer desk. I confined them to the bathroom with a litter box and some food/water. They have went a couple of times on the floor in there as well. I would take them to the vet but I am very short on money right now. It may be Novemeber before I can afford a visit to the vet. I did catch my daughters giving them the milk from their cereal a few days ago. Can this cause diarrhea in kittens? It was vitamin D milk. I'm not sure which kittens drank it. The momma is not affected.
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Yes Milk can cause diareah in cats, as cats are for the most part lactose intollerent........but milk will usually not cause blood in the stool, unless capillaries have burst because of the frequency of the diareah...and thats only a little blood......

diareah for 3 days is not good and is most likly not cause by milk given to them a week ago......

anything from parasites, to infection can cause diareah, and these kittens need to get to the vet ASAP......I know you said that you are short on money....will the vet let you make installments.....because bloody direah for a whole month will not bode well for the kits........

Please do what you must for these cats....keep them hydrated, and please keep us updated
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it could be worms or some other kind of parasite. You should at least call the vet and see what they say. It would probably be a good idea to have the vet look at a stool sample for parasite, which isn't an expensive test to do.
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thanks for the advice. It is very little blood in the stool;but I think I will call the vet and ask if I can pay for the visit in installments. Do vets often do this?
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The ones that care do..........and thanks for caring so much for these babies
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The vet said that it's probably a combination of the milk that was given to them and the effects of cutting down on mother's milk and adding more hard food. The kittens haven't had any "accidents" on my floors today;so I assume that it's getting better. It's kind of hard to examine the stool when it's in a clumping litter.
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