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My Kittie's pages

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Here are pictures of some of my fur babies.


Hope you like them!
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Oh my gosh. What big hears he has! I love the pics.

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Thanks Tonya. He's a really cool kitty. I'm showing him this weekend in Pennsylvania in the household pet category. I love going to cat shows with him because he's so unusual and people stop and ask if they can touch him because they've never felt a Sphynx before. Ya either love him or think he's the ugliest cat you've ever seen.
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Dear Donna,
Wow, i am so impressed with those babies of yours. How cute! If there's the right underdraft, you have to make sure they don't fly away? J/K...I've seen them at cat shows before and I think that's the breed I was telling my good friend about. These cats have little or no coat, right? Well that's what I adore about them. All of my cats have full coats and I love them dearly! It's just that I'm allergic to them. I would certainly love to have one without...at least one! Oh well, I love them with or without!

God Bless You & Yours!
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Your kitties are adorable, Donna! I'll have to tell my sister about the Sphynx breed, because she is terribly allergic to cat hair.

Have fun at the show!
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Donna, they are all adorable! Your spynx has such big ears! I'd love to rub those ears! Thats so much fun! Carlie looks relaxed. Such a sign of trust that they sleep on they're backs like that. I love waking up in the middle of the night and seeing the feet in the air. It makes me know they trust and love me.

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