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My Grandma Lost Her Home...

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If you could spare any vibes or time to say some prayers, my Grandma sure could use them. Her home burned down to the ground the other day and she lost EVERYTHING she had. She dropped her home insurance b/c she couldn't afford it anymore and was too proud to ask for help. She lives on a limited income and I don't know if she will be able to afford to get a new place. The poor gal even lost her dentures She literally only has the clothes she had on her back. She is living with my aunt right now and our family is getting together to buy her the things she needs now and decide how we can help her get a new place with new things. Please take a moment to think of her...she's heartbroken and had been having a hard time LONG before this happened. Thanks.
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Oh Kelly I'm so sorry to hear that. I'll definitely send your grandma as much strength and recovery vibes as I can. What a terrible thing to have to go through. Thank goodness she's got a loving family to take care of her!
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Oh that is so sad!!! Your poor Grandma, especially with no insurance. Was anyone hurt? Of course she is in my prayers.
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Thanks so much, guys!!! She wasn't hurt, my aunt had just arrived at her house when she saw the smoke coming from the back of the house. She got out her out A-OK. My grandma had been sleeping and woke up a few minutes before my aunt got there and smelled smoke but thought someone was burning something outside. She's very lucky that she got out. They're not sure what caused the fire.
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Many many prayers and vibes going out to your grandma and your family as well!
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What a terrible thing - my heart goes out to her. ANd the older you get the more difficult it is to start over. I am so sorry.
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Oh no! that´s awful......poor of your Grannie! ...

My best wishes to her Kellye...Count with my prayers too.......
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I am sending lots of hugs and prayers your grannie's way
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Oh no Kelly, I'm so sorry to hear that. I will send your grandma and family vibes and keep you in my prayers! Thank God she has a family!!!
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Oh Kelly that is terrible! I'm so glad your grandmother made it out alive, but so sorry that this happened in the first place. She and the rest of your family are in my thoughts and prayers .

I hope whatever she was going to prior to the fire subsides...we can only shoulder so much tragedy at once .
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How horrible - how wonderful she has a family that is pulling together to help her. Lots of vibes headed out to her that she can recover from this.
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sending lots of prayers your families way...
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I hope she and your family copes with this ordeal well. Vibes((())))
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Oh my!! I am so sorry to hear your news - what a tragedy!! I hope there are friends and neighbours who are going to raise money for her so she can have some things of her own. My heart goes out to her!
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Omg, that is so awful! I am so sorry for your grandma!!!! She is definitely in my thoughts - I really hope she is okay.
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Kelly, I'll definitely send vibes and say prayers for your Grandma!
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Sending your Grandma positive vibes
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That is so sad. But I am very glad your grandma made it out safely.
Sending lots of good vibes her way.
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Kelly, that is awful. Thank goodness she has you and the rest of the your family to help her through this difficult time. (((vibes))) for Kelly, her grandma and other family members.
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Oh Kelly, how horrible. I'm glad to hear that she made it out safely; but what a tragedy to lose everything.

Lots of positive vibes heading your grandma's way.
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Your Grandma must be in shock. I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for her.
I will add her & your family to my prayer list.
Please keep us updated.
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That is just awful She certainly will be in my prayers.
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Kelly, your grandma will be in my thoughts and prayers. What a terrible thing to have happen to her. Thank god she's okay.
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First, lots of hugs and positive vibes for your Grandma on their way. Next, thank God she wasn't harmed. Items of monetary value can be replaced, but loved ones cannot.

As you may know, my dad suicided and he blew up our house along with himself after he sent me away. Nothing could be salvaged, and I don't believe we had house insurance either, so I do know what your Grandma is going through.

Despite losing our home to the fire my dad caused, I think the only thing I really missed are the photos. Sure, I had a car and all kinds of stuff every teenager could imagine. And all my poetry, short stories and art portfolio were lost too. But I will always miss the photos the most. I have no family photos.

I'm so sorry for your Grandma's loss. Being a source of strength for her now would surely be the best gift you could give her in her regaining her sense of loss.
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Oh...I`m so sorry, Bless her heart! I`m thankful that she is not hurt and that she has you and the rest of the family to help her get the things she needs...hopefully the community will pitch in also.Please tell your grandma that she is in my thoughts and my prayers.
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