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Update on 'Issues'

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For all of you who suggested the river rocks for the issue of Pugger using the plants for a litter box, we found an even better solution: E-collars! You know, the collars they put on pets after surgery (usually dogs). One of those around the base of the plant, and the cat can't dig in the dirt, or get to it to go! Works like a charm, although Pugger has been trying to figure out how to get to them! However, despite solving that problem, I am forced to return him to the person I adopted him from. I feel like a horrible, horrible person! Since he cannot get to the plants, he is urinating on all the dog beds in the house. Since we work with a rescue group, we have a lot of dogs and a lot of dog beds. My sister is spending the day today at the laundromat washing beds because of Pugger. I am therefore forced to give him up. There is a happy ending for him, though. He will be a 'clinic cat' at him vet's office. They agreed that he should not be further moved from one place to another, as I am his second home, unless the perfect home comes along. He will hang out at the clinic, getting all kinds of attention, and will have the run of the place. Unfortunately, the first home was not honest when they returned him, saying he was sick. He is just very hyper, which I could deal with. However, we have incontinent dogs that we have been fostering, and they pose enough of a problem when it comes to the dog beds and washing things in the house. We don't need the cat adding to it. I feel like a hypocrite, because we hate when people surrender dogs to us, or bring them back for these reasons! And now I am doing it. I wish there was something else I could do. However, I live with my sister and her husband, and her husband has had enough. Hopefully sometime in the future I will be able to have another cat, just not at this time. Thank you all for your advice and kind words.
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I don't think you are a bad person for doing this, in fact I applaud you for realizing this is something you cannot take on right now due to your living situation and are opting to give this kitty a better chance by surrendering him. It must have been a difficult choice for you but I feel you made the right choice for your circumstances.

Bless you for putting his health and happiness first.
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For some reason cats are drawn to pee on dog beds. I haven't quite figured out why. I am at least glad he is going to someplace that has activity to keep him occupied and a ready group of people to spot future health issues. One of my kittens from last year's rescue turned out to be adopted by a vet clinic. Nothing thrills me more than to go in the clinic and see Skid come running up to greet me.
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That's a pretty ingeneous use of an e-collar!! Maybe you could invent something like that specifically for plants and market it!!
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Originally Posted by hissy
For some reason cats are drawn to pee on dog beds.
maybe if they're bean bag beds, it would remind them of litter.
then again, do they even make bean bag dog beds?

well, anyways, I'm glad little Pugger will have a good home. Living in a vets office sounds like fun! and convenient!
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I dropped Pugger off this morning to the vet's office.....I took it a lot harder than I thought I would. I only had him for about a month, maybe even a little less than that. And he drove us sooooo crazy! But as soon as I left, I started bawling, and have been off and on for the last hour. He made me feel so guilty! He was all cute and cuddly last night, and even slept through the night right next to me! I feel like a horrible person. I know he will be better off, but that gives me no comfort at all. It is funny, even when we foster a pug for a year or more and he sleeps in my bed every night, I don't get this attached!
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I love all animals, but cats have a way of getting to you (IMO) that no other animal does.
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At the vet's office, they put Pugger in a cage with an 8 wk kitten who was quite unhappy, crying all the time, and the kitten settled right down, and Pugger cuddle with him. However, someone came in with their cat, and fell in love with Pugger, and took him home yesterday! He was only there for a couple hours! Unfortunately, the kitten is unhappy again, but it sounds like Pugger is happy. I really, really hope this works for him, as I was his second home! Keep your fingers crossed for him!!!!!!
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Aw that is such good news. Now we just need to hear the kittie has a furrever home.
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