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Well, we were already "turkeyed out", so I asked Rob what he wanted for Thanksgiving Dinner. Roast Beef. Yes, sir, you shall have it, with the works!

Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, roast veg (carrots and parsnips), gravy -- and for dessert, apple pie with cheddar cheese. I may never eat again. Well, maybe in the morning
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I made chicken alfredo, antipasto salad, cauliflower for me, pasta for dh, and he had leftover anniversary cake for dessert, I had a chocolate dipped chocolate nut biscotti.
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Last night, I made burgers (from the Farmers' Market) with salad and curly fries!

Tonight, I'm making seafood pasta!
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Oh Sarah, curly fries - YUM!!!!!!!

I just had some vegemite and marge on super thick toast - YUMMY!
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Curly fries are GREAT, aren't they?!

I belive Vegemite is like our Marmite!?! If that is the case, then I'm now feeling for Marmite on toast!
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Well coz my mum n dad are away n im not really a great cook, its gonna be a chicken n mayo baggett. mmm
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I ended up making chicken breasts and cheesy rice....mmmm...and then I also ended up making home made chocolate chip cookies, I could have ate the whole batch...yummm...
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Tonight it's Indonisan Chicken satay
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