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Daily Thread for Tuesday

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This morning on my pillow was an envelope, and as Mike was still asleep I took it out in the other room and opened it. Inside was an invitation for a trip to the coast! It is an anniversary gift and we will be going to the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival, and stay overnight at a Bed & Breakfast on the beach! I am totally surprised, and now have to see if my friend Lisa can animal sit while we are gone. 16 years with this wonderful man and he still can surprise me when I least expect it. It will be nice to get away, and our weary muscles can handle the break too. The property is finally starting to emerge from all the wreckage, and today we have a lot of wind, so I am really holding my breath that nothing else happens to us, our neighbors and the 9,000 people this last storm affected. Some people in the low hills are still without power! And it has been over a week since the storm hit us. Anyway, the seafood at the coast is scrumptious and I can't wait till we get there. He is such a love, I am glad I found him through such a fluke!
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That sounds wonderful MA! Very, very sweet of Mike to do that for you.

Things are busy for me. Got a lot of work and I've got to get ready for S.F. Haven't even started to think about what I'm going to pack I'm going to hate being away from my guy. The weekends are my favorite and I treasure the time we spend together. I'm very protective of my free time. I have another convention on the 15th of March in Miami, so I'm going to be gone another weekend soon Although, I'm not mad at Miami and I know we're going to have a great time. Staying at the Delano, which is so beautiful. Love that place.

Just gotta make it through the day....

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Oregon is not that far from SF! And the way you drive, you could be here in about two hours......... LOL All kidding aside, if the pass was clear, I would see if I could meet you somewhere halfway. Would be cool to finally meet one of the nicest people I have interacted with on the Net..... Have fun on your trip!
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MA, if I had 5 free minutes, let alone 2 hours, I'd be there in a heartbeat but I've literally have breakfast, lunch and dinner appointments for every day I'm there. Gotta make it worth the $$ that company shells out to send me there!

We will meet one day though. Maybe next time I have to spend a couple weeks in L.A. I always head up to Spokane to see a radio guy when I'm there. And I have a close friend in portland I'd like to finally visit. We'll figure something out.
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I hope everyone is having a better day then I am. It is only Tuesday, but I feel like I have put in a full week of work. My 2nd caller this morning was irate & a crier. I can handle the screamers, but I can't take the criers. I always do what I can to help people, but sometimes there is nothing I can do.

I have also seemed to have injured my hand somehow. My right hand is all swollen, but I can't get a doctor's appt until Thursday. I have it wrapped up, but it hurts like the dickons.
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this is your second lousy day in a row! That sucks You need to do something for yourself this evening, like a bubblebath. Treat yourself. You're having a rough week!
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Took my son's temp about two hours ago, and it was 104.8!!!!!! I almost had a heart attack. The doctor said to just keep him cool, its normal for the flu. Yowsers, being a mom can be high stress. They agreed to see him in the morning, just for a recheck and to be sure he is on his way to getting better.

So, I am playing nursemaid today. Thank god my other child is better today, I am not sure if I could handle the two of them sick!
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Daniella - I really hope he feels better soon! AP - I think a bubble bath sounds great! My co-worker & I have tried to talk my supervisor into having a roving bartender. LOL - she didn't go for.
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Ady, I know you work for the Govt. and help people find jobs (I think) but why do people call you crying and screaming?
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Are you doing the every two hours ibuprofen/tylenol. I have known many children whose doctors have told parents to do this with high fevers. Give tylenol, then two hours later give ibuprofen (advil), then two hours later tylenol, and so on. This is supposed to keep the fever down. I can't remember how long you do it for though. I think you do it until the fever goes down and stays down, if it goes back up and doesn't go down with one dose of either then you start again.

Poor guy, he's got to feel just horrible and mostly because of the fever I'm sure. Hope he feels better soon.
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I work for what is called Employment Insurance. People who are without jobs apply for financial aid based on the work they have just completed. I have to deal with people who are in financial as well as emotional difficulty. They want there money and they want it yesterday. I have to tell some people that they don't qualify for support. I have to tell other people that based on some choices that they made there has been a stop pay put on the file. It doesn't help that the number of people collecting benefits has increase since 9/11 do to layoffs resulting from the events of that day. While more people are off, the same number of people work on the files & it has caused delays of 6 to 8 wks for people to recieve their 1st pymts. Most people calling in feel that they should be given special consideration as of course their situation is unique (eg I am a single mother with 4 kids & no food). Well everyone claims to have a special circumstance so it has to be taken in a 1st come 1st service basis. As we are 1st point of contact we get the brunt of the abuse. People are braver over the phone.

So to ramble there!
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You have my sympathy! That sounds rough. People tend to blame the messenger, because it's the only outlet they have. Hope your day gets better!
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Fred is laying on the bed with me for loving. He has chartreuse eyes, just like my other boys. And he is PURRING, so loud. Do white cats shed more than other cats? Seems like it . . .

Also the washer/dryer guys finally came and switched my hot and cold hoses around the right way. Since my machine only does cold water rinses, and since it was hooked up backwards, I was rinsing everything in hot water. There are clothes I haven't washed in weeks because of this, so I know what I'm doing today!

Actually, I need to bet dressed and take my little one down to the thrift store. She has gone through the knees of all her jeans. I'm glad she's a little tomboy right now, active and fearless, but it's tough on clothes. If I paid $15 for her pants I'd be so frustrated, but the last pair was only 50 cents, and the last few have been $2 to $3, so if they get beat on it's no big deal.

And I just got an invitation from a new mom friend for us to visit her, so it looks like a good day for me.

Ady, AP is right, it's not personal. These people are mad at the system and you represent the system. They are needy and frustrated and they kind of feel that if only you really understood their situation, you'd give them a different answer.

AP, I miss travelling so much! I love to stay in hotels and I'm a sucker for conventions, believe it or not. Total envy.

Daniela, I had that flu and my doc gave me something called Tamiflu. It makes the illness last less long, though you still have to take something for the symptoms. Can your son take that? I felt better within 36 hours. However, even though everything else is back to normal, I still have a nasty chest cough. So the bronchitis might be a thing.

Hissy, how fun for you! After all your work, you deserve a day off!
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Hang in there gal! At least it is on the phone and not in person that you have to deal with the people. I feel sorry for you and also for them to have to deal with this part of life. Things are tough all over for so many people these days.

Daniella, I pray that things will get better with your son and soon. I can imagine how worrisome it is when a little one gets sick. I wish I had magic answers but I don't.

Sunlion! I think that is so cool how accepting Fred has become of you and the family. You are making great strides with this lucky cat.

And now, I think Tover is going to be a daddy! Went out to the rabbit cage and when I picked up Pewter, she felt different in my arms. Baby rabbits on the way I think........!
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Hissy, how many bunnies are there in a typical litter?
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Thanks for letting me vent! I appreciate the support. I often realize how lucky I am when I have to hear how bad some people have it. I don't take it personally - I can empathize with their frustration. It is a horrible situation that they are going thru. Some weeks however seem worse then normal.

Hissy - you are going to be a grandma bunny - how exciting. Is Tover pacing yet? You know what 1st time fathers are like.
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Thanks for all the well wishes. He is sleeping now. Yes, the doc does have me doing the tylenol/advil thing. He takes the advil, then about 4 hours later he takes the works well. But he's been sick since Saturday, so I am trying to minimize how much meds he takes. He goes in tomorrow for a recheck just to be sure he doenst develop an ear infection or bronchitis. So far so good though, seems to just be the flu.

The joys of motherhood!
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Little baby Easter Bunnies!!

Can't wait to see the little cuties, MA. Pssst..could you mail me a couple?? Theres so much fur in this house hubby will never notice a couple new additions
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I have been doing research and found out that a doe can have up to 10 babies, and the babies are very fragile and could expire on a moment's notice. Looks like I will have to move the mom and babies indoors to a nesting box and make it soft enough that she will not pluck all her hair out to line the nest. I am to provide a quiet place for the babies, and if she nurses them that is great, but there will be no handling of them out of the nesting box because she will not take them back in. If she is not a good mother, she may destroy a few babies herself, and if during the pregnancy she gets stressed her body will absorb the babies as well. And there are people that breed rabbits! Didn't want to add to the population of bunnies in shelters and there is no way I am going to sell them to just anybody because they can easily end up as snake food. I just pray Pewter is fat and that is all.......
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Hissy, can you take her to the vet just to be sure and prepared? I wonder how a vet determines if a rabbit is pregnant?
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The weathermen predicted rain, thunderstorms, hail, and even tornados, but it's a beautiful day! The sun is shining, there's a nice breeze, and its about 70 degrees! So, after MOPS this morning, I took the kids to the park to have a picnic lunch. Once I got home, I brought the dog in, gave her a bath, and let my 5 year old outside. So the dog's happy to be in the house, and Amy's happy to be out. Works out well! Adam's feeling a bit better today (he's had a cold/fever), but he's still more tired than usual. I'm hoping he'll be up for a walk after naptime. Can't waste this weather!
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Is that when I open the windows in the house, the cats have learned how to push out the screens to get outside. They're driving me nuts!
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