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Wrestling Kittens - Fun??

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Hey Guys - My kittens like to wrestle throughout the day. I know that wrestling is a game young cats like to play, but I'm a little unsure if they are actually having fun. When they wrestle they wag their tails (much like dogs), but I've been reading online that tail wagging in cats actually means the cat is aggitated or annoyed. Do you think they are getting upet when they wrestle, instead of having fun? I don't want them to end up hurting themselves. Thanks!!
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It's common play, and their tails twitching show they are on guard. If they are annoyed, their ears would be flat, eyes would be narrowed and they would be growling. They are growing and learning how to protect themselves. It's fun to watch and as long as no vet bills pop up during the tussle time it should be fine.
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One thing that's helped me when I see my adult cats wrestling (I've never had cats who wrestled much before), is noticing that when they're just playing, they wrestle pretty quietly, except for the occasional squeak or grunt.

When one of the boys tries to wrestle with one of my girls (who do not enjoy wrestling at all), things get really noisy - lots of yowling and growling. Cat fights (in my experience at least) are usually very noisy. When that happens, I toss a pillow or something soft near them to distract them & break it up.
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That makes sense. They ocassionally let out a little meow, but they hardly make noise. The pillow throw is a good idea though.. in case they ever do get out of hand, I'll do that.. no way I'm sticking my hand in the middle Thanks!
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Honestly that sounds normal, and you should hear my two, but their only playing, but one can give the other a nip a bit harder than normal which makes the other one let out a slight cry but as soon as they do they break free.
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Here's how I put it; would I rather them play with each other or sit around and sleep all day? All my cats play-fight with each other all the time, and sometimes it gets a little annoying. My two oldest cats make hardly no sound whatsoever, but my youngest is constantly making noise. What would you expect from a siamese? Play-fighting helps a kitten develop they're playfulness and alertness.
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