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Question regarding Threads

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Realizing im still realitively new here, please forgive me if i overstep my bounds.
But im curious to know why some threads just disappear?
I could state specifics but i would rather not on a general forum.
Threads ive been anxious to see develop that contain no slander, no rude comments against individuals or any profanity. They are removed without notice.
Thank you
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Hi Ric,

Welcome! Most times something develops in the thread as far as a reply that is not in keeping with our rules. Someone on the board will report the thread, and it is promptly removed. It will stay hidden from the membership until the mod team can get together and decide as a group the best course of action for that thread.

Sometimes it stays hidden awhile, because of other issues. The thread is either then edited and returned, and members issued warnings (if needed) or replies are deleted and the entire thread is placed back.

One thread recently pulled was pulled for racial slurs. We are a PC board on the internet, and whereas some boards have an "anything goes" policy, we do not have that here. We ask that our members respect each other, different ideas, cultures and religions. This was set up over 5 years ago from our founder of the board Anne. It makes moderating a bit harder because it means more work. But we are a family-oriented website. Our site is rarely blocked from workplaces and we are used a lot by teachers and others to show kids how to care for cats.

Sometimes, the thread is put back online with nothing being done to it. But if it vanishes, there is always a reason it is pulled. We also will not allow copyrighted material on here unless it belongs specifically to the member who posted it.
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Thank you. Yes i agree regarding posts that are derogitory to any specific culture/religion etc. I wouldnt call it PC more like the golden rule and common sense. But thats just us i suppose

I did not know regarding teachers and school age children referencing this site.
That explains one post in particular. I realize this is more of an information gathering site regarding care of cats than a platform for awareness of cruelty and the inhumanities associated with it.
I will keep the children in mind when posting, but i would encourage all not to limit awareness of real issues regarding cats just because children are watching. At the same time we all need to make sure that some posts are for awarness of real issues and not for "shock" value.
Thank you
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I completely agree and at times these posts that I believe you are referring to are put up for "shock value" only and no other reason. Which is sad, because the only way to do something about the atrocities in the world is to be proactive. Being proactive does not mean signing an online petition, but instead, taking the time to send a well-thought out letter to your legislature, representative or other political officer that can take this letter to the post office, putting a real stamp on it and sending it out in the real arena of the world and not just leaving it on the internet.
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