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Found a Kitten

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I found this small kitten late sat. near my work. The poor thing kept getting stuck between a chain link fence and a tree. I didnt have the heart to leave it there so I took it home. My problem is I already have cats so I cant keep it. I convinced my sister to take it with her but in the mean time this kitten is sick. It has an an eye infection. Im taking it to the vet today and was wondering what else I should have done to the kitten??
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Taking it to the vet is the best thing you can do right now.

If you think it might have an owner (or just to be sure) you may want to see if you can find him/her. You could ask around the neighborhood or post a notice in the paper. Other people may have better suggestions...
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Mia...definately post flyers around to make sure this little one isn't owned. Depending on it's age...it will most likely need some shots. Thank you very much for caring for this little on and taking it to the vet.

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I will try and put flyers up but I doubt I will get a response. There are not many homes around the area I found the kitten mostly businesses with alot of stray cats around. But I will give it shot.
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mia...if there are a lot of strays in the area...they most likely need to be trapped and spayed/neutered. I would suggest that if you do see a lot of strays in the area, contact a TNR group. A list of TNR groups in Texas is below:


Chances are that there are more kittens out there and if the cats are spayed...that will reduce the kittens.

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