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yes, I do.
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Originally Posted by ryobious
I completely 100% absolutely do NOT believe in Ghosts. I think it is slightly ridiculous to believe in such a thing!
How do you explain it then? I sat on my ex boyfriend's porch waiting for him to get home one day, and listened to someone walking up and down the stairs and around the house, but couldn't see anyone. I told him about it when he got there, and he said "Oh that's the ghost. Happens all the time." Thier ghost threw a freeweight across the upstairs (hitting the wall hard enough to damage the plaster) once, and would frequently pop video games out of the player when they were playing. If it's not a ghost walking up and down the stairs (and you can tell the difference between footsteps and an old house settling), who is it? I've also heard stories where someone is telling a former occupant of a house about wierd things happening, and they tell them "Oh yeah, the same things happened when we lived here..."

I'm not picking on you for not believing, but if it's not ghosts, what the heck is it?

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I believe that the spirits of the dead sometimes remain in the world and can show themselves or communicate with us.

When I was twelve years old my family moved into a house, and I heard the sound of a little girl's voice crying for help while I was moving my things into my bedroom. Scared me pretty good, and since my parents are deaf and my sisters were not at the house when this happened I knew that it wasn't someone playing a trick on me.

I did not sleep in that room until our priest came and blessed my room. I never heard the "ghost" again, but always felt that she remained.
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I believe in them. My first husband and I had a very tumultuous on again, off agian relationship for 4 years. He always said that I would be better off with my current s/o. He smoked Vantage cigarettes, and was the only person I ever knew that smoked them. After he was killed in a horrible motorcycle crash, I would find open packs of Vantage cigarettes when I was about to make a bad decision. They would be in my car, shower, locker at work, anywhere. This went on for several years, until I finally hooked up with my sweetie, almost 21 years ago. I have found only 1 since then, about 5 years ago. I wish I could remember exactly what was going on then, but I remember being in a serious quandry, and having doubted the decision I had made.
My second husband and I lived in an old house that had a female ghost that did not like me. We had a fireplace in the bedroom, and at night she would knock my stuff off of the mantle. She never bothered any of his stuff, or anyone else's. My motorcycle helmet was sitting on the living room mantle one evening when we had a house full of people. I was sitting in the middle of the room in a chair. She slapped the helmet off the mantle, and it hit me on the leg. No way could it have gotten to me just falling off. People were freaking out! The bathroom was off the kitchen, and I would close the kitchen door, and leave the bathroom door open when I was bathing. I would hear the kitchen door open and close, then the bathroom door would slam, really hard. I was so happy when we finally moved from there!
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