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Do you believe in ghosts?

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Ever seen one? Never seen one but believe anyway? I'm curious as I don't really have any strong opinion one way or the other on this matter. I'd like to believe, because believing would mean that there is an afterlife, but a big logical part of my brain says it's not possible. Would love to be convinced

I've never seen anything paranormal, but we all own cats and know how often they suddenly stop and stare and something we can't see, or look up as if they've heard something we didn't!

So, anyone have any true life ghost stories?
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Rationally, I don't believe in ghosts at all. However, I am still VERY afraid of ghosts. Ghost stories / movies really freak me out (I watched The Sixth Sense only once and I never want to watch it again!! )

Yet I am still fascinated by ghost stories.
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I beleive! Many people in my family have claimed to have seen one, but I have yet to.

(I love ghost hunting shows, though a lot of those are set up.)
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I truly believe in ghosts. I have had quite a few experiences with the "unexplained". My mom visited me 4 days after she died. My grandfather has also visited me several times, and he has been gone now for over 20 years. I also had a "visit" from someone, an angel?, the night before my mom died telling me that she was going to be with God soon and she is ready to meet Him.
I feel they don't always have to "appear" to be with us, sometimes they can make themselves known by scents or sounds. Sometimes, when I feel my grandfather around me, I smell chocolate-scented cigars. My grandpa always smoked those so they'd be less offensive than regular cigars for my grandma's sake.
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I believe there's a possibility ghosts are real. I've never seen anything strange, but there's a particular house my family & I lived in when I was around 9-11 that I still have nightmares about. The people the lived there before us brought a lot of negative energy into the house.
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I lost my grandfather when I was 7 years old. That night, I was inconsolable, crying in my bed. I felt someone sit on the edge of my bed and turned to look....it was my grandpa. He smiled at me, then he was gone. I still get goosebumps.
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Sure do...my grandfather has come to visit my cousin and I numerous times. My cousins says my grandmother now (passed away three years ago) now comes to him. We freak everyone out with our stories.
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I do...When my brother and I were little our old grumpy neighbor died. He used to claim that my mother stole things from him. Well the night of his death my mom woke up and saw someone standing at the end of her bed staring at her but if she moved he would dissapear. After a few years he started to come to my brothers bedrood too. This continued on almost every night for years until we moved to a new house.

A few years ago we had another neighbor die. She had the most beautiful garden and she worked for hours every day on it. Well after she left us the people who moved in that house ignored the garden and it over grew and they started pulling out all the flowers and set half the garden on fire! I started to have dreams of the old neighbor comeing to tell me that i have to stop them. The dream was sooo realistic. Well when i woke up I had the feeling of someone watching me. The last time i had the dream (last christmas) I woke up and saw her beside my bed with a really sad look on her face. It looked like she was crying.
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Absolutley! I dont believe they can touch or hurt you, but I do believe they can make you hurt yourself. The last two stories are just things I have been told my multiple people. I have never actually met charlie myself.

When I lived in california, at night, Sara would lay on my pillow and sometimes she would stand up on her hind legs like a possum(i think) and stare, really hard and big eyed at the end of my bed and growl. I just said go to bed loudly and eventually she would settle down.

My grandparents had a ghost that followed them everytime they moved. His name was Charlie. I think the entire family talked to him just like he was alive and well. He would make noise in the kitchen at night and my granny would go in there, turn on the light and tell him to put everything away, everyone is trying to sleep, he needs to go to bed too. Noises would stop.

My mom told me a story about how one night, shortly after they had gone to bed, she heard her brother yell, Charlie, what the hell are you doing! According to him, he had been floating over him while he slept. When her brother woke up and saw him, he freaked out and went into the living room to sleep.
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YES and I have seen many over the years...
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it's not really a ghost story (not to me at least) but when my then-boyfriend's grandmother died, I had a dream about her.

She had been sick for years before dying and getting gradually worse and when she finally died, the whole family was both sad and relieved.

A few days after she died, I dreamt that we were at the funeral home and that she got up and sat in her coffin. Everybody freaked out, except me. I walked up to her and told her it's ok. She doesn't have to stay anymore, she can go. And she laid down again and died.

I don't think it was so much her saying goodbye in a dream as it was me saying goodbye and accepting that she was gone.
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i think ghost stories are exciting, but I like to believe that all souls are at peace after death in a vast sea of nothingness.. Although I have had some weird things happen to me...
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i think i believe in them...

when i was a child my brother claimed to see a ghost every few nights or so, he said she had yellow blonde hair, a blue nightgown and a big white smile where you couldn't see her teeth but just white if that makes any sence.

anyway, one night we had relatives stay and i had to sleep in the same room as my brother, sometime in the early hours of the morning i woke up and saw the exact same ghost my brother had described, she was just satnding near the bedroom door and i was so afraid i ducked under the covers, when i finally worked up the courage to peek out she was gone, i could have just been dreaming because my brother had described her to me but it seemed real and she bore an unanny resemblance to my aunt who died in a moterbike accident a few years back.

my brother also claimed to have seen some sort of tiny bald ghost, like a gremlin, sitting at out loungeroom table, he woke me up he was so scared, he said it was reading the paper and had a cup of something, the next morning the cup and paper were still there

seriously, i think my brother just had an overactive imagination but it was still pretty scary at the time, especially because i was so young.

another aunt of mine claimed to have seen a ghost when she was walking to work one morning, it was foggy and she saw someone ride paste on a bike...then go straight through a chainlink fence

well, that's my contribution lol

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I believe!! I think it is the neatest thing! I haven't had an experience, but know some family members who have!
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I definitely believe in them!

I have had some strange things happen, but most have been pretty explainable, except for one:

When I was still living at home, I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, and there was someone standing over my bed. And I thought the first time it happened it was my father checking to make sure I was off of the phone with my then boyfriend (soon to be husband). The next morning when I asked him about it, he looked at me as if I were crazy and said he hadnt, so I chalked it up to just dreaming. Then it happened again. And I realized that it was just a black shadowy figure.
And one night, I was up late watching tv, and I thought I saw someone walk in the kitchen and get something out of the cabinet, and when I looked full on there was no one there, but the cabinet did slam closed.
Even my sister has experienced it, and even my Mom. Its too weird.
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ok, thanks to this thread, now am gonna have a horrible night. Its already 11:41 PM here... I am a chicken**** when it comes to all this.
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Oh absolutely! I've never *seen* one, but lots of experiences. My husband (a truck driver) has heard a whispered voice warning him of upcoming danger on the road. My daughter gives us messages from her "Papa" on occasion, talking on her pretend phone and telling us that Papa says he loves us and stuff. He was my mom's fiance, and just loved my DD. About 18 hours before he had his anuersym, we'd stopped by and had dinner with them. DD was insanely attached to him that night, and kept crying and saying "Oh my Papa!" She was absolutely sobbing when we left that night. At noon the next day, it happened, he was in a coma, and was taken off the ventilator 14 days later. That night, we were in the kitchen, and all the sudden, my DD, who was 18 mos old, started kicking her feet in her high chair and SQUEALED "PAPA!!!!!" I turned around completely expecting him to be standing there, but he wasn't. That night my mom was getting ready for bed, and could smell his beer. There hadn't been any beer in the house since he went in the hospital, but she could smell it very plainly in the bedroom that night. He's also come around to pick her her, moving the icons around on her computer (drove her crazy when he did that). And one day she got out of the shower, and could hear the windchimes hanging in her bedroom tinkling. There was no way there could be a breeze! She said hello to him, and the windchimes immediately stopped, like the would if you grabbed them to silence them! One night hubby, DD, and I were in the living room, and DH could smell the beer. He said the edge of the table nearby blurred for a second too, like a shadow had gone past it.
The biggest proof, for me, though, is how this one overhead light flickers when my mom goes in the bar they used to go to a lot (one of those friendly "Cheers" type places). The bartender, owner, and other people there say the light only flickers when she comes in, and at no other time.
My mom also has a friend who can communicate with people who have passed. He communicated with D once, and told Mom things he never could have known on his own.

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I am not sure if this is a ghost story but more of one about those spirits who visit us at the time of death. I always wondered about ghosts- to answer the question - but was never quite sure. I have not watched any horror movies (not even the 6th Sense) since The Exorcist which scared the you know what out of me!! Granted, that was not a ghost story but more ominous. It did not help that I was a Catholic maybe - don't know.

I have a friend who is a ghost hunter in upstate NY - she and her friends get all sorts of calls and go to find and help spirits out of bldgs and so forth. Her reg job is as a govt employee but she does this on the side - she has some interesting stories, needless to say.

I always questioned the spirit world so to speak until two ppl close to me died. Both were the 2 I always discussed death with. (and these are stories I have told very few ppl!!) - not even some members of my family who are solid skeptics. My grandmother and I often discussed death if only b/c in some respects she considered herself an "orphan" in the vein of Anne of Green Gables. Both her parents died while she was a child, her mother while she was a teenager. She often wondered why they never came back to tell her what it was like where they were and I would quote that Shakespeare quote about no travelleres coming back to see us.

I was at a conference when she died - she had been ill but it was unexpected or else I would have been home. I had to give a seminar and the night before I slept poorly. I woike up with a start in my hotel room and felt some kind of presence in my room, not eerie but strangely calming. I saw my grandmother at the end of my bed and she was smiling and looked happy - which she had not been in her struggle with breast cancer. I looked at the clock radio and it was 2:14 AM and I tried to sleep, thinking I have got to get sme sleep to give this seminar in the morning. After one workshop was completed (I had to do it twice), a Bellhop came in with a notice to call home for an urgent message. Without so much as a pause, I said to the physician who was to introduce me "My grandmother died". A friend who is deeply relgious (a born again Christian who sometimes preaches in his Presbyterian Church) came with me while I phoned home. He and I often disagree on political issues (he holds very right wing views on social issues and I tend to be a moderate) but he is one of the most caring and compassiate people I know. My mom told me my grandmother had been pronounced dead at 2:14 AM!! But I already had figured that out.

Another friend who taught a course on ethics at the medical school and also one on dealing with death also came to me around the time she died. She was a Roman Catholic nun who was killed in a car crash. I happened to be home with pneumonia at the time of her car crash and when she appeared in my bedroom, I attribued it to a fever. But again, I later discovered it was at the exact moment she had been pronounced dead at the hospital. I had oten discussed death with her.

So while I am skeptical of many "ghost" stoies, i do think people who have a propensity to "see" certain "spirits" have these kind of experiences. It is sort of the same kind of situation that happens with psychics like on the series "The Medium". I am not sure I believe in malevalant spirits who are out to hurt others but I think most spirits show themselvs for a reason - to reassure someone, b/c something is unfinished, something along that line.

On both occasions in my own isntances, I felt a very strange sort of calm. Thinking about them later was more unsettling if only b/c I was afraid to share the experience.
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I don't WANT to believe but my sister SWEARS she has a ghost named "Sarah" that has been with her since she was born. She follows my sister everytime she moves but currently does NOT like the apartment they are in and has been hiding a lot of stuff lately. "Sarah" supposedly hides stuff from my sister and her fiancee (for ex. They couldn't find one of the mailbox keys that they had laid in the basket for a few days and while JJ was doing the laundry, there was the key sitting on the ledge inside the dryer! He asked my sister why it was in there and my sister asked why she would put it in there)and apparently does NOT like JJ at all. I asked my sister how she knows "Sarah"'s name and she said she just does. My sister is a very serious person and not one to believe in "silly" things and I just know that she isn't joking. They have never seen "Sarah" but she knows she's there. Just very strange happenings and you can sense someone is there. Just weird....
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I believe in ghosts!!!!!!!! and I am a ghost hunter....

I am actually having a few of my pics cleaned up by a professional to decipher what a suspicious figure is thats present in the pictures.....

if ya guys want i will show you the originals......
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Ok ere are the originals...I have brightened then the best I can...but the guy I have fixing them up can obviously do a better job, and I will let you guys know what I find out.........

In all the pics you're attension should be on the three trees on the right of the pic....these pics were all taken within seconds of eachother....

In this first one you really can't see much...John swears he sees a barly visible figure popping out from behing a tree....but i can't

In the second one...you can see something behind and near the seond tree down....there are lots of "orbs"...but i don't pay much mind to them......

In the third one....the "orbs" are gons, and you can see a slight sillouette behind that middle tree again......

The forth one...this one creeped me out.....there appears to be someone crouching behind the same tree

Ad in the fifth one...the orbs are back...but they have taken on more of a firefly apperance...though neither john our friend jim or I saw any fireflys with our naked eye

I know they don't seem like much...but once perfessionally cleaned up..maybe i can get some clearer answers........Hope you enjoy...and if you see things that I have missed, or have any answers they would be much appreciated
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Wow, Bridget, those pictures are eerie! I'll be interested to see the results when you get them cleaned up.

I am a big believer in ghosts/spirits as well. When I was very little I have memories of a glowing presence near my bed that I used to talk to in the middle of the night. The memory has become increasingly vague over the years, but there was something very comforting about it and the feeling still lingers with me 20+ years later. I think it was my guardian angel/spirit guide. I also had an experience as a young adult once when I was traveling in Ireland. I became very ill with a terrible sinus infection. Although I had already seen 2 doctors and was taking antibiotics it just kept getting worse and my family was on the verge of bringing me to a hospital. As we were driving we noticed something at the side of the road, so we stopped the car and my mother got out to investigate. It turned out to be a small shrine to St. Brigid. My mother insisted that I get out of the car and say a prayer at the shrine (we're Roman Catholic). Even though I was weak and feverish I did it. That night I awoke to a soft glowing blue light hovering at the foot of the bed. The oddest thing is that I wasn't the slightest bit afraid. I remember thinking to myself, is this real? and pinching myself to see if I was really awake. The experience lasted probably just a few seconds and then the light started to recede and disappeared. When I woke up the next morning I was like a new person! Other than some minor residual congestion I was the picture of health and was able to fly home the next day as planned. Everyone was amazed considering how sickly I had been just the previous day. I don't know whether the light was St. Brigid, my guardian angel, the Blessed Mother or what but someone was obviously looking out for me!

I also have had several family members who have had experiences with the unexplained. I find the topic fascinating, but tonight I may have to sleep with the light on after reading all of your stories! LOL
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I love hearing about peoples experiences with the unknown. I have had many encounters and I know there are some other threads here about this subject. Might have to dig them up.





These are just a few. I have been having more ghostly experiences since i returned to NZ - theres a woman that bugs me but doesnt scare me - I see her staring at me and she taps me on the head, but I just ignore her - I am used to it LOL!
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i don't know, but there have been wierd stuff happening at work, the fridge being turned all the way up, doors not opening when its not locked, and not obstructed, cups falling off a shelf, one by one, one of the other employees saw what looked like a short-sleeve lab coat in a hall way then it dissapeared. we know that one of the former owners passed away upstairs in the apartment upstairs and alot of whats going on sounds like what he would do.

its just creepy
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Well... I don't have an opinion either way... I'm not sure. Even so, it would be hard to see a ghost as they are invisible Well, if there is any.
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Originally Posted by sweetseamus
Wow, Bridget, those pictures are eerie! I'll be interested to see the results when you get them cleaned up.
Thanx...I wasnt all to impressed with these...but they were one of the first pics I have gotten that were worth cleaning up..........
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Originally Posted by Agent_Haun
I beleive! Many people in my family have claimed to have seen one, but I have yet to.
Me too
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Sure do!!!! My aunt has one of the most haunted houses you will ever see. It is a woman and a little boy. The two spirits are very protective over my aunt. If anyone makes my aunt mad they make their presences known!!! You constantly here someone walk up and down the steps and lights go on and off and you will see figures walk around the house.
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I completely 100% absolutely do NOT believe in Ghosts. I think it is slightly ridiculous to believe in such a thing!
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I think ghost stories are exciting.
I havnt seen any ghosts my self, but i do feel things around me.Which could be my nan who died 8 years ago. Im sure my house is haunted coz no one, ever hears or feels what i do! But no one has ever died in it. (i dont think)
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