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Here we go again - vibes for Little Oscar

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About every 2 years, I get a URI that passes thru the house. Right now I have 7 cats sneezing, some of them violently over and over.

Little Oscar is by far the worst of them - now just sneezing but weezing, coughing and generally having trouble breathing. As a kitten he was very sickly, had gingivitus at 4 months old and didn't really start growing until after he was on 4 months of Zithromax. The vet suspects Bordatello but hasn't been able to prove it. He's now 2 but he is the one cat in the house whose health I worry about the worst and my internal vibes are bad again. To make matters worse, the other cats are picking on him right now - makes me more nervous as cats will single out the ones that are sick and they aren't picking on any other cat. He goes to the vet this morning.

My personal vent: We just lost Tigger a few weeks back from heart failure. My husband is out of town in Chicago at his Grandmother's funeral today. The dogs are out of sorts cause dad is gone and their kennel area, the back porch, is closed to them due to construction. Work is crazy as I'm about to change jobs within the company.

*sigh* It's gonna be another week but top priority is Oscar. Send vibes for my baby Oscar please - let's hope that this is just a plain old URI and he gets over it!

post #2 of 16 are having quite a week.
I am sending healing vibes to sweet Oscar & all of your other kitties too.
Also, I am sending positive vibes about your new position at work.
You are in my prayers.
Please keep us updated about Oscar's progress.
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Oh my - it never rains but it pours. What a terrible time for you. I do hope all the kitties, and especially, Oscar, get well soon. I once had an Oscar and he was very special to me.
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Oh dear, Amy! Precious little Oscar, please get well soon! Please give our love to all your babies and tell them I'm praying for them to promptly return to perfect health!
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Got Oscar to the vet this afternoon - poor baby screamed the whole ride and messed the carrier on the drive there. After cleaning him up and rinsing out the cage, the vet poked and prodded him (man they hate having their temperature taken). Low grade fever, most likely just a bad URI but he also has conjunctivus - never saw such red eyes in a cat before. So we have salve for his eyes and antibiotics to take for a week to ward off secondary infections.

He screamed the whole ride home then ran and hid under the bed since we got home. Didn't even come out for his meat dinner. I'll get the vaporizors going tonight and bring him in the bathroom when I shower. I think we're just going to have to ride this one out.

And another started sneezing this afternoon. I'm getting to the point that whenever I hear a sneeze, I hop up to see which one is sneezing now. This is the downside of being "mom of many". *sigh*
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Oh...poor little furbaby. I know that you are tired & worn out.

Now you have the others kitties to worry about too.
Thanks for the update.
You all, are in my thoughts & prayers.
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I am so sorry that you are going through all of this. You and your babies are all in my thoughts and prayers!

I went through something like that with Caesar. Please talk to your vet about having a respiratory panel (PCR) with Feline Coronavirus. Have them send it to UC Davis. That may answer any and all questions that you have on what is causing this. If I remember correctly, is cost around $85.

Hang in there!
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((((vibes))))) for Oscar and other kitties! Amy, I hope he gets better soon.
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***vibes for Oscar*** and I hope things get better soon!
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Oscar is still not out from under the bed but he was finally a little better last night. I bring him his meat at dinner, drag him out from under the bed, pill him, love on him until he finishes his food (he is eating thank heavens), bring him to the litter box then water bowl and let him go. His eyes are watering severly but the red is easing up a bit.

Every day a new cat starts to sneeze but some that started last week are starting to let up a bit. I see a few more weeks of this in my future.....
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My sympathy. I hope all of them, and most especially Oscar, get over it ASAP.
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TCS positive vibes came thru once again! Tonight, Oscar came out to eat dinner with the rest of the cats and just a moment ago, jumped off my lap and is happily chasing a moth that got in the house. There are only 2 cats left sneezing and that only rarely. This is the fastest (knock on wood) that a URI has worked its way thru my house!!

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Great news! Let's hope it's a long time coming back!
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Good to hear!
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Glad to hear that the scare seems to be over. It can be traumatic and exhausting when everyone gets something at once. Hope things go swimmingly with the new job and that the transition is an easy one.
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That's great news!
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