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cat likes to go outside...

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Hey all,

Its been awhile since I've last written in the forum hope everybody is doing fine. Anyways, just had a quick question for anybody else who might have an answer. I have a female cat, she's a little over a year old now, who just begs to go outside everyday, multiples times. In the beginning she would sit by the door if anybody was going outside and meow (almost sounds like the word "out" over and over again). Now, this is a constant thing that goes on all day and if she does get out its only to smell the air and maybe eat a little grass. I have did the cat grass thing and she loves it but even still she will still beg to go outside just to sit on the front stoop. Is this normal behavior for a cat? I mean we always watch her when she does go out and that's fine. The only problem I have is its a constant whine to go outside like every hour on the hour.

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Hi Billy! Can i just ask if she's been spayed first of all?!.

The thing is when they've been outside thats when they've had a taste of it and want more
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Yes, she is spayed and has all of her shots.
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We take our cats outside. It's true what rosiemac said: once they've been out, they'll always want to go out aain. Our boys don't sit there howling all day, but they do put up quite a fuss every now and then, demanding to get out.
I find a consistent routine is best. If they get to go out at a certain time each day, then they're more likely to give us peace the rest of the time.
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Oh ok,

I guess that makes since and here I thought it was because she liked to chase the butterflies and other flying bugs outside. I think the next door neighbors get a kick out of seeing a cat outside. My wife has even tried to walk her with a leash but we all know that was destined to fail, lol.

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Since my husband insisted that Bijou "needs" to go outside, I was adamant that if Bijou is going outside he will wear a harness and be on a leash. That has worked extremely well for us. Bijou is never outside without supervision (i.e., frequent checking on his whereabouts and situation) and if we are busy and cannot watch him, then he stays inside.

The other night Bijou wrapped his leash around a tree and was stuck. He managed to get out of his harness and came to the patio door to be let in.

Most often he just sits on the deck and watches the world go by but just loves to be out there.
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