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Help please!4 hrs and all kittens aren't born

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Sasha is a 1 yr old scottish fold and started having her kittens at around 5pm tonight, she had 4 in a span of about 2 hrs, and none since. I can feel that she has at least one left, and it seems she should have had it by now! Other cats I've had have all had all their kittens right after another, never with this much time in between. Is this ok, or should I do something? Thanks!
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Best suggestion is to give an emergency vet a call and ask for their opinion!
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I wouldcall your vet now. There are a number of probs that could be occuring but it's best to have your vet examine her to make sure she - and any babies inside - are and will be OK.
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Is she straining or having contractions? They can actually take quite awhile to have all their kittens. If she is not visibly straining or in distress- just watch her and if you are really worried call the vet
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She isn't in any distress, she's been nursing the four she has now peacefully. She is in a bed I made in a laundry basket in the front room, which turned out to be a good choice as she doesn't want me out of her sight! She just got up a couple minutes ago and went to the litter box and ate a little, then went by her nest and looked up at me and meowed. She went back with her babies when I encouraged her. I live in a rural community and unfortunately don't have a vet available at this time. I'll keep an eye on her through the night and call my regular vet tomorrow if she still hasn't had the other kitten/s. Thanks!!
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If she is not in distress and seems fine (have you been able to feel her tummy?), I would wait and see what the vet says later if she still seems unsettled and is meowing. Good luck with mama and congrats on the new family!
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Hi, Thank you all! She had another at 1am this morning and I was sure relieved (and I'm sure she was too!). After making sure they were all ok I finally went to sleep; I know Sasha will come get me if she needs something. This morning I've been feeling her tummy and I think she's done. She seems awfully weak to me this morning though, she doesn't walk very far without laying down. She has been wanting lots of encouragement this am too, and doesn't want me out of her sight. I'm sure she's fine and I'm just a worrywort, but I'll call the vet as soon as she gets in this am to check in. So much for school this morning
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She is understandably worn out from the delivery. But the vet call is a good one just to play it safe. Congrats on the new litter. I hope you will consider getting her spayed after these kittens are weaned. Also keep her indoors, she will go into heat soon and if let outside she will come back pregnant, if she comes back at all.
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It's almost time for the vets office to open, and I will for sure call. I've kept feeling around when she lets me, and these last couple times I'm pretty sure I can feel one more in there. She's such a little cat- so many kittens! And yes, she will be getting fixed. Both my cats are indoor cats, but she had gotten out quick as lightening twice that I couldn't catch her before she disappeared. My other cat is fixed, and I wish I hadn't waited too long with Sasha.
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If you need a low cost clinic for when it is time to have her is a list for Oregon:

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Thank you, I will check that out. The vet says bring them in, so we are off! I'll let you all know how it goes!!
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Glad you are taking them in- welcome to the boards, from another Oregonian-
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good luck hope very things ok
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The last kitten sometimes takes the longest. If you think about it, each kitten is kinda pushed out by the next kitten. The last kitten doesn't have anything behind it and therefore takes the longest for the route of delivery.

Sounds like everything is ok now. One thing to do is make sure you have seen (hopefully) all the placentas from each kitten. If one is left inside it can cause infection.
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The vet visit went well- Sasha and kittens are fine, and the final verdict is 5! She didn't have another one hiding as I had feared. My other cat, Katrina, is acting weird now though. Since we got back from the vet this evening she hisses or growls at Sasha when she gets close. She was fine with her before, even as the kittens were born, and afterwards. She was curious about them, and would look at them and Sasha, and they were still happily eating from the same food dish this morning. I don't know whats up with her sudden attitude. Other than that, all is well! Thank you all!
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You should really keep the two cats separate until the kittens are able to move around on their own and mom relaxes a bit.
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Her new attitude is almost vertainly because they have brought back strange smells from the vet.Keep them separate a while anyway and things will settle.
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I just went through the same thing this weekend. A vet told me it could take 24 hours for a cat to deliver its entire litter. I don't think you have nothing to worry about.
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I enjoyed reading this story! I am so happy mama and all the babies are well.
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Thank you all for your help! I was thinking the same thing about the strange smells thing from the vet. The problem with separating them though is even though Katrina hisses when Sasha gets too close, she objects to being separated!! If I leave either cat alone, it will cry. So I let them both roam the house, keeping an eye on them- neither was aggressive or anything, just Katrina hissing is all. But then I ended up with a new problem, I'll post a new thread about. Maybe I should have separated them anyway, even if they did object
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