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I LOVE Fall!

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I love it! Autmumn is my favorite time of year. I wish I could have 9 months of September and October and then I'd handle our rainy season just fine. It comes and goes SO quickly up here. What does Fall look like in your area?? I thought you might like to see what it looks like up here:

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Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing them!!
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Beautiful pics, Elizabeth. I also love autumn and it seems our temperatures are finally cooling down. Hopefully the maple tree leaves will change colour soon. They are so lovely when they change colour and fall.
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Beatiful pictures, thanks for letting us see them too!

Originally Posted by sashacat421
What does Fall look like in your area??
Here are some pictures I took yesterday. They are all from an recreation area, most of it nature preserve, only fifteen minutes walk from our suburban flat. It's one of our favourite places.

Some reeds in a bird bay in the sea:

Just a road with pretty trees:

Some friendly sheep and birches:

The sea and the beginning of the local archipelago seen on top of a hill:

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Elizabeth, those are awesome pics! Ryn, you photos look great too.
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All these photos are is from the area I now live in, but I was really drawn to the tree lined lane in Finland!
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Wow, Eddie! Breathtaking!

So beautiful, Ryn!
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Those are great photos! I think our colors are going to be pretty muted around here so I will have to watch for others to post their photos to have some color
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Oh My! What really beautiful pictures...all of you!
I love fall too!
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Fantastic pics everyone!
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wow, its all so beautiful, where I live, in Autum, everything just looks dead.
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I didn't know Washington was so beautiful! It makes me want to move there. I would take pictures but there's nothing pretty to take pictures of here.
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I could never get enough of beautiful fall photos! These are great! The leaves are just starting to turn here, but we anticipate the gorgeous colors every year.
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I am so jealous! Those pictures are beautiful. We don't get that here. Our leaves stay green until the middle of winter and then the ones that are going to turn just turn an ugly shade of brown and fall to the ground.
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I have to say, I love autumn the most as well. I wish we had the beautiful colourful tree's here in Southern CA. Your pix are beautiful.
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Fantastic Work to everyone!

But Eddie deserves a special mention for begin this Thread!!! ......

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ME TOO! lol i went to a cider mill with my mom was was pretty far from our house and out in the country so we saw alot of fall colors. =0) It smells amazing outside thats what i love the most....
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Those are beautiful pictures everyone!!
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