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TCS Baby Shower

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I have been remiss in not offering you congratulations on your pregnancy. With everything going on right now, I haven't been able to read a lot of posts and I just wanted to say how happy I am that you are going to have a baby. We should have a TCS Baby shower for you and maybe you can leave a list of things you will need as the time gets closer? Anyway Congrats!!!
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Yeah, Debby was a sly one and made the big announcment in an unrelated thread

Congratulations Debby!!

I like the Baby shower would be neat because we're from all over the place and can each find different neat things for the baby. Let us know Debby if theres anything you'd like...
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this could be a lot of fun! Debby, I'm sure you're going to need a little Baltimore Orioles romper
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Oooo yeah and some cool little teeny weeney booties!!!!
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OOOOOOOOOOh, I love baby showers!! C'mon Debby, let us throw you a shower via cyberspace!!!! I'm sure you need everything, so post a list for us to start buying!!!
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I definately love the cyber shower idea, complete with cyber food and punch. We can all be on line when you open the presents - count me in!
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Congrats Debby!

I'm sorry, but I just found out now...when is the baby due? Are you having a boy or a girl?
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Good idea! I'm in! I think it'd be loads of fun to be online when Debby opened the presents. How original!
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We'll have to set a date and time after she receives everything so we can all be here. I'm going to need some time to pick out something cool. Debby will it drive you nuts to not be able to open stuff as soon as you get it?
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congrats! that is awesome! before you know it you'll have a little bundle of joy!
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wanted to make sure you saw this!
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Oh wow! This is the first time Ive been online in a couple days, and just now saw this!!!

Thanks everyone! And thanks Hissy for starting this thread, and all your kind words!!! You guys are GREAT!!!!!!!

I think the online baby shower is wonderful, of course, but I hate to have you all spending your money on me, and the added cost of shipping, as really is a sweet thought, though...and if you really want to do it, of course it is fine with me, but like I said, I really would feel a little guilty having you all send me things.

I go in for my amniocentisis...(I don't know how to spell it) next Tuesday (the 26th) I am scared to death!!!! Has anyone had one?? Is it very painful? Be honest...I would rather be prepared! They are doing it in the Methodist hospital in Des Moines...the two women Dr.'s who are doing it, are the same two who delivered the septuplets.....gosh I can't spell that either....the 6 babies that the one lady had in Des Moines, she has been on the news around the U.S., you might have heard of her.
I know I will be in good hands, just a little freaked out, none the less. The thought of a big long needle going through my belly just gives me the heebie jeebies!

Anyway... thanks to you all!! And Spooky....I am due Aug 1st. I should know the sex of the baby when I have my appointment on Tuesday.
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I've never had an amnio myself, but I was supposed to have had one so I did a lot of asking about it and reading up on it. We lost a baby between my two children and they wanted us to get an amnio done when I was pregnant with my son because of chromosome abnormalities in the baby we lost. I suspect they are doing yours because you are over 35 right? I was told by a lot of people that it isn't painful at all, the doctor uses an ultrasound to guide the needle. I think the idea of what they are actually doing is probably the worst part. Good luck Debby We'll be rooting for you .

Btw, we will need your mailing address to send those gifts Maybe you could pm it to those of us who will be sending something? I'm planning another trip to the city soon, so I'm hoping to find something really neat for your baby there
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Debby - I haven't had an amnio before, but I've had friends who did, and they said it was not a big deal. Just don't freak yourself out thinking about it. And if they can't tell the sex of the baby from the ultrasound, they'll be able to with the amnio.

I'm so excited for you!
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Debby - I love babies & I love baby shopping. A cyber shower gives me a wonderful excuse to do some shopping. I'm in with Melissa for the address in a pm thing, because you have been so nice on the site I do want to get the wee one a little present!
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That is so sweet of you guys!! I will PM you my address...I will let you know if it is a boy or girl as soon as I find out. Thanks so much guys!!!!!!!!!

Yes, they are doing the amnio because I am over 35. I will try not to worry too much about it...I'm sure it will be fine.
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Once again, I just want to say thank you to you all.
Your kindness has really made my day. I haven't had the best week, Ive had two funerals to go to since last Wednesday, one was an old family friend who died of cancer, and one was a younger man who I worked with in the past, and who I considered a friend, though we didn't get to see each other as much since he was laid off...he had a diabetic attack and died shortly after. I also am home sick from work today,though I am feeling better now, So it has been a rough week, and this has really cheered me up!!!!

Rather than PMing everyone with my address, since I don't know who wants it and who doesn't, maybe anyone who does, could contact Melissa or Ady, since I sent it to them. Also, I think Hissy has it from the secret santa thing.

You guys are great...but I don't want anyone to feel like they need to do this...I won't feel bad at all if you don't. I know times are tough right now, and money is tight. I love you all, gift or no gift. Seriously, I mean that.
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They give you a numbing agent- rub it on your skin before the needle goes in, and really, it was done so well, I never felt anything except some pressure that wasn't that bad. Just relax take slow deep breaths and think of your orange kitty or something that makes you smile. It is no big deal, honest. It did help to have my hubby nearby holding my hand and talking to me, but whatever works to relax you, just do it.
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Thanks Hissy....I do feel alot better about it now....I just won't look down at the needle while it is in, that will probably help!!!
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and think relaxing thoughts, really it isn't as bad as it appears to be. If needles give you the willies, ask them to put a drape across your chest so you don't even see it at all. I imagine that having one of these in 2000 sure beats the one I had to have in the 70's!
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Debby I had an amnio w/ my first child. It is very "scary" although the pain itself is not so bad. Just try to relax, and be sure if they will let you, to have your hubby by your side. They let my husband stand at the foot of the bed, and the nurse held my hand. I was nervous, and you will feel pressure and a bit of a pinch when the needle goes in. No extreme pain.
YOu'll do fine.
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Are you going to register anywhere like Target, Sears or JC Penny. I think it would be a neat idea if you did. It would be nice for those of us who are not creative but would still like to get you something.
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Sabra...the closest Target, Sears, or JC Penney's is 70 miles away from me (in Des Moines)Walmart is the only place near here, I can register at.
I will be in Des Moines Tuesday, but doubt I will have time to register anywhere, and noone I know that lives here, would go there to check it anyway.

Thanks for asking, though.

I have nothing at all bought, so anything would be wonderful!!
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