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Toilet training...again

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Sigh. I know there are mixed opinions about me training my cats to use the toilet, but I'm still in need of some help.

I'm on my last run of trying to toilet train London. Alcott is fine- he gets it, no problem. London will use the toilet to urinate, but not defecate. Occasionally he'll use it correctly, but other times, like tonight, doesn't. He always goes in the same area of the guest bedroom, despite liberal amounts of Nature's Miracle and other pet-away type sprays, as well as a dose of vinegar water. Is there anything I can put in the litter box/toilet (right now I've gone back to square one, so its a roasting pan with about a quarter size hole in it placed inside the toilet) that will attract him to go there? I give treats, praise, cuddles when he goes correctly, I just don't understand it.

What I haven't added that is a big reason for me wanting to toilet train my cats is that I've extremely allergic to most kinds of cat litter. The dust closes up my throat if I even try to clean it- I'm even using the low dust variety during toilet training and have to take puffs of an inhaler to do it. I was hesitant to say this since the natural reaction is "then why did you get cats?!"...and most of my friends and family have been unsympathetic because of it. I'm well aware that I could use newspaper instead of litter, but was hoping I wouldn't have to since that obvisouly won't smell too lovely. I *really* want this toilet training to work but it's been going on since early September and London still isn't catching on. He's not the brightest cat in the world, but you'd think....argh. Sigh. Would the Cat Attract litter work, or is this just his stubborness I need to get past?
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I have respiratory probs and with some of the litter, I'd have to wear a mask! But I use Yesterday's News which my YY and my foster Sphynxes all love. There are others on the market that have less dust that I could also use but the cats are used to YN so it is here to stay I guess. Have you tried it? Can you get it there?

YY's mom was toilet trained but reverted to litter after her babies were born (she is a blue point Siamese) so her breeder and a friend of mine figured that must be what she prefered and it was more natural and less worrisome in terms of arthritis. I think cats who do use the toiet will as they age need litter anyway.

I am not disouraging you from doing it - it does seem to work for many cats - and I have one friend whose husband cabbot abide the smell of cat poo so the toilet training has saved a lot of hassle for them and stress for the kitty if her parents were fighting over it <g>. I think your kitty that does not care for the troilet may well be smarter than you think and he just does not care for it. Cats are very bright and often tend to know what they want. Can you get Yesterday's News litter there? Ot you could use recycled newspaper yourself.
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Out of my own personal curiosity....could I be directed to the links that discuss the pros and cons of toilet training???

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I've never heard of Yesterday's News, so I doubt we have it here. I suppose I could order it, but ordering cat litter seems a little extreme. I've tried several low-dust varieties but they all are pretty much the same as far as irritating my breathing. I'm prepared that when they're older I'll need to switch to the litterbox, but...it'd be such a big help for me now.

Nebula, as far as I know the main arguements against toilet training is that over years it can cause arthritis in some cats as its not the most natural position. This doesn't occur in all cats though. And naturally a lot of people say that it simple isn't natural...but then, it not natural for cats to be neutered and spayed either, but we do it, as much to stop them from breeding as we do to stop them from destroying our house when they want to mate. I guess it really depends on how you look at it.
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Just wanted to say that I sympathise with the litter dust problem. I've never found one that isn't dusty, even when they're guaranteed.
I recently got some Yesterday's News. Love the recycling idea, and apparently it's better for the cats paws. It isn't at all dusty either. Problem is my cats don't like it, and I much prefer clumping litter myself 'cos it's easier to clean.

Good luck with the training and don't give up!
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While you're working to toliet train your kitty, have you tried a corn litter? I find that it has no dust and maybe the corn won't irritate your allergies.

Just a thought. Good luck!
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I'll give corn litter a shot should toilet training not work out- the problem is that during toilet training I HAVE to use a flushable litter- they dig half of whats in the roasting pan into the toilet bowl, so it needs to flush. And flushable isn't exactly the most "dust free" kind.
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Success! Well. Smelly success.
It seems that London will go in the toilet if I leave a little poo from either himself or Alcott in the litter there. So my bathroom reeks, but.....I can deal with that for a little while if it helps. Granted I still had to place him on the toilet, but he didn't jump off immediatly and head towards the carpet like he usually does. I figure I'll wait till he's going there consistently on his own before I try cutting any more out of the bowl. The trouble is my boss' wife is coming to stay with me for two nights on October 21- two weeks. I know London could learn in two weeks since we're already in the home stretch, but if I can't I'm going to have to put out a litterbox for that time (the bathroom is nasty looking, no way I'm having company with it like that).
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Would it help to lock him in the bathroom at times he's typically has to go?
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I use wood pellets in one and Pa purr in the other ... one cat likes one the other like one for number two only
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I only have one toilet to use- I have two in my house but I have to have one too!
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Sigh. I'm so frustrated. I don't know what to do with London. I mean...when there's no hole in the roasting pan, he's fine. The minute I put a tiny, tiny hole in the middle? Back to the floor. I coated- I mean COATED the area with Nature's Miracle and near-boiling water/vinegar. Still goes to the same spot. I'm going to try putting a foot dish near it since that might make him look to go elsewhere, and I'm going to start shutting him in the bathroom in the evenings.
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