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Aristotle - Recent Pics!

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My monitor buddy - Gotta be close to meowmy!

Helping me play spider solitaire - while playing with a weed. (The "organic" cat dancer. )

He's 6months old here. More pics as soon as I can get them uploaded from my sister's computer. (I used her digital camera.)
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what a sweetheart!!!! I love the eyes!
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They are wonderful, Jan! What a cutie he is hanging over the monitor !
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Jan he's a little sweetie! He looks so cute over the monitor doesn't he
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Absolutly beautiful...
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Such a handsome fellow!
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Thank you for your complements. I think he is adorable, too.

I have a problem getting good pics of him. He rarely sits still. I don't call him the "White Tornado" for nothing!
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very handsome!
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What a sweetie! He looks dignified and smart enough to live up to his name.
Love how he helps with the cards. Maybe you could teach him poker - who knows, he could help you win some money!
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I can't help it - I do love white cats! He is gorgeous.
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that's too funny!
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He is a cutie!!
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Wow, history is changing, Aristotle playing solitaire!! He should be busy thinking about state and politics! :P

Anyway, he is gorgeous! Such a handome white kitty
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OOOhhhhh what a beautiful kitten I him
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He's a sweetie I love white cats, they are so beautiful!!
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Aaawww....what a little sweetie pie!!!

I love the picture of him on top of the computer - helping meowmy play spider solitaire!
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Aristotle looks like a very sweet kitty!
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Oh, what beautiful eyes! So adorable!!!
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Aristotle is adorable.
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Oh, Jan!

He's such a doll! Reminds me so much of Lonestar - apart from the nose of course!
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I'm in love -- can I get Tianna to share you think!?
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Wow, he is so the pics.
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Ari is very cute! Aren't white cats hard to photograph?????!!!!!
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Awww...what a sweet love furbaby.
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