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I am just sick!

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My sister-in-law just got her job with the Houston Astros and moved here to Houston bout a month ago...she got broken into this weekend and her desktop computer, laptop, dvds, jewerly (including my husband's grandmother's engagement ring), all of her Astros things, sheets off her bed, shoes, tolietries, food out of her freezer and fridge were all stolen. What a great welcome into the neighborhood! I am still just mortified and hope to God she can find another place to live. I do have a question though...since she was in the process of getting her renter's insurance...and we have it...are the things that were stolen that were ours, will we get money to replace those things?
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Candie - I am so sorry! I really cannot help you with your question but that is just awful!
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Gosh that's just horrible...when I first moved to a big city in NJ, I was a totally naive suburban girl. My car was stolen the first month I lived there. OMG I was beside myself. You really feel violated. I feel for your sister, that is just awful, esp when sentimental items are involved
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I am sooo sorry for your sister...she must be heartbroken...I was going to post congrats on getting a job with the astros, but that seems a little bittersweet right now I am sure......

I am not sure about insurence, I think you need to have specific things inssured for them to be covered, but i really am not sure.....

I hope they find the person who did this, because then at least civil action is an options.....

I am sorry for you and your SIL.....I hope her move improves soon
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Thanks guys...I just wanted to see if anyone knew an exact answer also, but I'll just wait till we call our lady in the morning, we are really close to our insurance people...they probably already know about it since they go to the same church as my in-laws. Abby is in my sister-in-law, Zack's sister. She was at the game after she found out about the break in, we found out about 7 tonight...what a true fan...she stayed there for 6 hours at the game after talking to the police this morning. I would have stayed home....sigh...things could have been worse, atleast they kept her dipolmas on the wall.
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Candie, I am sorry that happened to your sister in law. Not sure about the insurance except for, any reciepts and photos of items might help any claims that need to be made.
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This is so horrible! When I was eight my grandparents house was broken into and even at that age I felt violated. They had taken off my barbies clothes and looked through my drawing I just tried really hard not cry.
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Oh no, Candie! This is just horrible!
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