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Need assistance with new kitten

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I also just got a kitten from the Humane Society. She's company for my 5 year old male. He hisses at her, which I guess is normal, but he won't eat. I know he's upset about her being here, but now I'm upset that he's not eating at all. Is there something I can do to get him interested in the food, or will he go back to it on his own time? Getting worried because he's our baby and don't want anything to happen to him. Help! Susie
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How long since your resident cat has eaten? If it just today then I wouldn't be to worried. I would tempt him with something that he really likes. And put the new kitten in a seperate room and let him eat by himself.
I just added a new kitten a couple of months ago to my 3 and they prefered to eat without the new kitten around them at first.
Your male is understandably upset with this new comer. And feeling a little nervous. I bet if you let him have some space without the kitten near him when its time for him to eat he will be fine.
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I agree with gardenandcats - pick a high prize item to tempt him. I would also put new kitty in quarantine for a few weeks. Do you have a spare bedroom that she could stay in? Also, your shelter kitty may have (or may develop) a kitty cold from staying in the shelter. It's a common occurance in shelter cats/kitties. Your resident guy needs to know he is still number one. He should get full run of the house. They can used to each other's smells from under the door. Then put some stinky tuna (or what he likes) in a bowl by the door where the kitty is. She can have a treat on her side too. That way your guy is thinking "yum tuna, and hey, what's this other cat smell,...well who cares...yum tuna". The idea is for him to associate good things with the new member. It doesn't have to be food - it can be a special toy he likes - mine are addicted to feather toys & the laser light. Anything you can do so that he associates good thing with the new kitty. Also lavish him a lot with praise. New kitty should play second fiddle for a while, you're guy has to know he is still top cat.
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Look out. If he is on the overwight side, it may be dangerous for him not to ate! Liver may get damages.

For normalweight cats it is not dangerous not to eat a couple of days.

Them in different rooms, a grating in between is usually very good.
And show him he is number one, cuddle and pet him much - even if he just now dont have the patience to be cuddled and pet...
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