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Pregnant Kitty Problem

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I have a problem. I have been feeding a stray cat who I've named Waverly for the past few months. She was gaining weight, which I at first thought was just cause I was feeding her alot but now I think she's pregnant. Her nipples have gotten alot bigger. I plan to have her checked by a vet to make sure on this but I've got a problem. What if she is pregnant? I can't bring her inside because my roommate is allergic to cats. I was thinking maybe I could bring her in a few days before she is due to have her kittens so she could give birth to them inside, but then what? I would have to leave her in my bedroom so my roommate could handle them, but how long could I do that for? I asked someone who told me kittens can't be seperated from their mothers til they are 6 weeks old. Is this a hard and fast rule or is it just nicer to keep them with her til then? There is a no kill animal shelter around here that I would be comfortable leaving the kittens with (I intend to take the mother with me when I move in June). So could I leave the kittens with the shelter before 6 weeks, or would I have to take care of kittens for 6 weeks? I'd really appreciate some help with this. And does anyone know how hard it is to take care of kittens til they are 6 weeks? Thankns

PS..please don't give me any crap about not having WAverly spayed, I have no money to do that, I'm a poor college student. I buy her the cheapest cat food I can find b/c I can't afford better. When I get a job after graduating in June I will have her fixed but can't until then. Trust me if I could she would have been fixed a long time ago.
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Actually, most localities have some sort of low-cost spay/neuter program. Just Google "low cost spay neuter south carolina" and you will get pages and pages. She will need to be spayed about 6 weeks after giving birth to prevent another pregnancy.

The kittens will need to stay with mom until they are weaned, which is AT LEAST six weeks, some experts prefer 8 to 10 weeks. Be prepared to pay a fee if you take them to a no-kill shelter (some will waive this for hardship), be prepared to have them turned away if the no-kill shelter is full (this is how they can maintain no-kill status) and be assured the shelters will not take them before they are weaned without their mom if they know the mom can be located.

Cats are a big responsibility involving a certain amount of expense, some of it unexpected. Maybe she would be better off going with her kittens to a shelter, and then when you are financially able to spay/neuter and offer nutritious food, you can adopt another kitty.

I hope I'm not sounding harsh because that is certainly not my intention. I fully understand this is not a kitty you adopted and accepted full responsiblity for, you are just doing your best to improve her meager existence. I'm just wondering if the time is right for both of you.....June is a long way away, you have an allergic roommate, etc. But if you love her, I know it'll be tough to let her go.

Good luck with her and her babies, no matter what you choose to do.
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then chances are very strong that she is pregnant. For her safety and the kittens, it would be best if you could find her someplace indoors as the day grows closer to her birthing. Toms will typically kill baby kitties to bring the mother back into heat so they can mate with them. Is it possible that someone that you know would be able to take the mom in if you can't? I know it is a lot to ask of someone, but there might be a kind samaritan around if you ask? If mom is young there is also the possibility that she may reject the kittens or that she may have big problems birthing them and then you are looking at a serious vet bill. Just something to consider. If your roomate is allergic, you can buy a box of Bounce sheets (laundry kind) and rub the cat down at least once a day and then brush her and the allergies will not be so bad, but then you are faced with the possibility of raising a litter of kittens. See what happens when you are warm- hearted? Try this website and see if they can help you, they have volunteers all over the United States and they may be able to guide you or take over. Good luck

Alley Cat Allies
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Not trying to beat a dead horse here but just try to listen. There are places that will spay/neuter for free or for small fees like $5. For instance where I live the SPCA provides the service for free, you just have to explain your situation so they can determine that you qualify. There are also places that will vaccinate at very low prices such as $10 for all the shots (the SPCA where I live has a special program like this). You just have to research and find a place near you.

The kittens absolutely need to be with their mother for 6 weeks and you do need to keep them inside. Shelters wont take kittens younger than 6 weeks unless you bring the mother in too.

Good luck and let us know what information you find. Do try that link Hissy provided. We aren't trying to flame you, we understand and are just trying to provide you with solutions.

Just to let you know, moma cat will have another litter (besides this one) between now and June if she stays outside.
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Well I had looked into low cost spaying programs a while ago when I originally found the kitty. The ones around here are all like 60 bucks and up. If I had seen some as cheap as 5 or 10 dollars I definatly would have done it. I live in a pretty small town so that may be why it is hard to find real cheap spaying ariund here. WelL if I can control my roommates allergies I would want to bring teh cat it. I do love teh cat alot and don't want to give her up. A friend of mine said that Allegra works well for cat allergies so I am going to see if my roommate has ever used that. Maybe a combination of that and the brushing would help. I completly understand the importance of spaying, trust me, I'm a big believer in it, I just have not had the money or the way to have it done. I've emailed a couple people to see if they know anyone who could help me with this so hopefully it will work out. Thanks for your help. I appreciate all the respones.
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