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RLS - Anyone??

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Hi everybody!

I was wondering, does anybody on here have RLS (restless legs syndrome)? I do, and it's been driving me nuts lately - my legs ache at night, for no reason! I'm not taking anything for it, and I was wondering if anyone had some good coping advice or news on how the new medicine works.

Really, I am so tired of waking up five times a night in pain!

I may consider going on the med, but only if it seems relatively safe with low side-effects. I already take two meds daily, don't want become a traveling pharmacy. But if it helps me sleep, perhaps the pharmacy is OK.

Sorry about the bitterness...going to sleep soon, already know my legs will bother me!!

Thanks for any help you have to give!
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My mom does. She takes meds for it and that helps!
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I used to get restless legs/throbbing calves in college sometimes when I used to stay up really late studying - by the time I was ready for bed at 1 or 2am, I'd feel the throbbing in my legs. It wasn't often, and back then I never heard of the term for the condition, but I'm sure it's happened to most everyone at least once...? If the pain is not happening every day for you, maybe to try avoiding more meds, you could try to stand and taking a quick stretch break if you've been sitting for a while, or massage your legs before going to bed each night? I'm not sure if this is helpful, but I understand why you wouldn't want to take too many prescriptions if you can help it. Stretching every day always seems to help me with my aches and pains (of other sorts). Hope you get the relief you need soon!
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I don't know if I actually have RLS, but like sumosmom said, I am in college and get it atleast once a week, usually when I am stressed or very tired. It usually helps me to just take an aleve/pain reliever or even a benadryl to get to sleep. Once I get to sleep, the pain subsides I guess, b/c rarely do I wake up during the night with pain. Good luck!
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