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Hey Captiva!

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Why do you have all those cat towels and blankets?

Because I have too many cats!

From left to right - McKenzie, Mama and Megan

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Is there room for me to crawl in for a nap?
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Ha! Even Meowmy has to sit on the floor.
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nothing better than cats sleepin..... makes me want to nuzzle them.
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Awwww Chris how content do they all look!
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Chris you have the cutest babies! Somehow you need to plant yourself under the blanket and let them all sleep on top of you - could be a cat sleeping bag! LOL
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Awww, look at my nieces. I just love sleeping kitties.
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Your kitties all look so comfortable.
They are adorable.
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Thank you, everyone
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Is there a couch under there?
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Aww... Sweet little babies!!
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Oh no. That was such the wrong picture for me to look at. Before, I wanted to take a nap. Now, I NEED to take a nap!!! Cute snuggly kitty-cats sleeping always do that to me!
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awwwwww cute kittys...........
I envy that couch! ...
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So, where are the guests going to sit?
Very cute!
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LOL, they look so adorable.
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Awww, don't they look so comfy! Where's George??
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Awwww! They are gorgeous
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Originally Posted by lisalee
Awww, don't they look so comfy! Where's George??
George was on the couch with his Dad Lizbeth is always in the dining room She doesn't watch TV with us
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There all Precious
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