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my cat wont eat

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Reba McEncat (my kids named her) started out as a stray that was about 24 hours from death by starvation and a respatory infection, she was feral and took weeks to tame. She is now about 8 yrs old and has lost most of her teeth. I suspect this is my fault as I fed her a daily diet of wet food and an unlimited supply of dry for yrs and yrs. I found she was getting too overweight and eliminated the wet food but this yr her teeth have been falling out fast. She has maybe 3 left and now she wont eat. When her teeth started falling out I brought back the wet food because she could no longer eat the dry. I am finding that despite the food brand she wont eat more then a bite or 2 and gives up. Some of the pate blends she wont eat at all, the gravy ones she licks off but leaves most of the meat behind, i've tried all kinds. Reba has lost alot of weight and is so skinny I am so worried for her. I have loved her for 8 yrs now despite my alergies to her and I want to love her for many many more but if she dosen't gain weight soon I'm going to loose her. I can't afford a vet and I hoped someone may have an idea of something I can try. She does drink still but i've seen her urine and it is very yellow.
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You REALLY REALLY need to get her to the vet, if it at the point where she won't eat, her mouth is probably full of bacteria and infection from not being cleaned all these years and it is WAY too painful for her to eat. She is most likely in a lot of pain and discomfort. Cats don't show their pain so she may not seem like she is hurting. She needs to go to a vet asap. Some vets have payment plans you can set up and there are also low cost clinics you can search for in your area. I would call this an emergency situation since she won't eat at all. She is obviously hungry if she is licking the gravy but cannot even eat the soft food. Good luck.
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You need to get her to the vet. Find a vet that will take payment arrangements, but she needs to go to the vet.
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I am sorry but when a cat doesn't have a lot of teeth, you aren't left with many options. Watered down meaty baby food syringed in her mouth slowly, oatmeal gruel, plain yogurt, even mushy mush dry food in chicken broth.

Not eating for 2-3 days puts her at great risk for feline hepatic lipidosis. The following article may show you that finding money for a vet visit would be a good idea rignt now


Best of luck~
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I agree...find a way to get a vet evaluations, and then ask them about assist-feeding - hills a/d is a special high calorie canned food of soft consistency that is easy to assistfeed with a feeding syringe (your vet can give you an appropriate syringe and discuss technique). It could well be your girl needs antibiotics for her mouth, and seperately, she must get food into her even if you have to assist-feed her for a while until she begins eating on her own again.

I am so sorry this has happened, I can tell how much you care for her.
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In addition to the recommendations above, you might try getting some CatSip. Spot is a picky eater, and if he's only eating a few bites, I add some of his CatSip (lactose-free milk) to his food and it encourages him to eat. I would certainly call the vet. They may want to do a blood test to rule out hyperthyroidism, which often occurs in older kitties. In addition, you might ask the vet about appetite stimulants, like cyproheptadine.
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Thank you for all your advice. I did try to find someone who would accept payments and not even the animal shelter will. It's through many tears that I type this and with Reba sitting in my lap that I tell you I am having her put down today. We are spending out last moments together as I wait for animal controll to come and take her, I won't be able to be with her when they do this and it breaks my heart, but she can't be made to suffer any more. She has lost her bowel controll and I don't care as she is sitting in my lap I love her even more.
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I am so very sorry. I wish I knew what to say...I know how hard a decision this is. I wish you comfort and peace in knowing she will no longer be suffering, and I truly believe we see them again someday.
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Oh I am so very sorry Peggs. RIP little Reba xxx
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oh no!! This is so sad!! I am so sorry!! I am amazed a shelter would not take payments, that's outragous!! So sorry it has come to this!! RIP Reba!!
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I know your heart is breaking, but know that if she could, she would thank you. When their quality of life begins to go downhill, there is little else to do but allow them to die with dignity.
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Honey, I am so sorry that you and your girl are experiencing this time in your journey together. We (myself, my daughter, and my 3 purry babies) send our prayers and thoughts to beautiful Reba and your family. You are doing (or have done) the kindest, most heartbreaking thing any pet lover goes through...loving them enough to be able to let them go.
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I am so sorry this has happened to your sweet cat. I am sorry for what you are going through as I know it is very hard to make that decision. But there are many here who can help you if you just reach out to them. Most of us have been through the same thing you are going through now. I pray for strength for you. Reba, rest in peace, and know you were a loved cat. You will be missed.
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