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Persian grooming->wiskers

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I have a seven month old Red Persian LC, he is BIG weighing in a 8lbs 3.6kg. He does not like me to brush him especially his stomach, he gets matted under his kitten arm pits, you know what I mean. Is this a stage he is going through? His younger half brother a three month old flame point Himilayan RM is and always has been much easier to groom. I think the older does not like it, he has always fought grooming. I give him treats, talk nice to him....I need advice.
One other thing the older kitten's wiskers keep breaking, this started before his brother came. Don't worry about jealousy the two were fast freinds. LC never hissed at him, he would lye on the floor and "supervise " him when he used the litter box and ate. He even lent a paw over some discipline clawing at the carpet. They were preening each other from the start.

I really need to figure out a way to groom LC and am curious to know if anyone else has had broken wisker issues.
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I have no advice about the grooming, I'm sorry! But I did notice that last week Marlee had 'bent' one of her longer whiskers, then a few days later it was broken. I'm assuming it will grow back....if I'm wrong someone let me know! If you're asking if this is normal, I'm not sure, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will come by and tell us.
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I can answer the whiskers part - cats' whiskers break off all the time and regrow, so you're okay there. Both my boys adore grooming though, so I can't help you there. Good luck, someone will come along who knows!
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