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Light hearted
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Musical.....love to sing.
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Nimble- I used to love to rock climb when I was younger, I have a really good sense of balance
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Onery.....have a bit of an onery streak in me... :LOL:
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Perky..people get irritated with me because I'm such a morning person
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Oh no!!! Not Q again!!!! I hate Q!!! :LOL:

Quandry.....what I'm in right now as to an answer for Q...(does that make any stinkin' sense? :LOL:
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:LOL: I hate Q too...thats why I make sure you always get it Debby

Rowdy- after a few drinks that is
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Thanks! What a pal! :LOL:


I have to check out now for a bit...but it's been fun! Don't have too much fun without me, now!
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Tomboy! :laughing: I have more guy friends than girl friends because I like to do guy stuff...steak and beer and pay per view wrestling!! :LOL:
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Underhanded - only when I have to be!
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Valient.....(it's all I could think of)
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Well (I'm not sick right now, so...)
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Zebraphile- Love of Zebras :LOL:
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Absolutely hyper - Canada won the gold medal in men's hockey! Wooooohooooo!
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Benevolent..ok- sometimes :laughing2
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Colorful :rainbow:
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Dead tired - hubby had sinus infection and snored all night - I maybe got 2 hrs sleep!
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Elated...I'm going to the city with my best friend this weekend for some 'girl time'
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Fat - Darn Water Retention!!!
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Giddy - because I am so tired!
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Intelligent (I wish!) lol
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Ingenious I hope that is spelt right
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