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New Kitten

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Hi everyone. I just adopted/rescued a 10 week old kitten last week. My other cat 7 is a two year old male. We decided to get another kitten because 7 was bored and always wanted to play with our neighbors cat. Well the cats like each other, but this kitten will not leave 7 alone. He is bothering him when he is eating and using the litter box. (Just like mom says, can't get any peace ). Anyway, 7 is starting to get a little distant. He has always been a momma's boy, but now sleeps in the laundry basket and not the bed. I know it should get better as they adjust but I don't want 7 to be unhappy. Help. Emily
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Right now I only have one kitten, so can't help your problem! But I just wanted to welcome you to the site, its a great one! I'm sure someone else will be along shortly who will help you with your situation.
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Welcome Emily So glad you adopted another kitty. I sure hope your babies get along very soon, I'm sure they will be friends in no time!
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This new baby has no idea how lucky he is.... you see Emily is my closest friend and one of the most caring, compassionate people you could ever know.

She is godmother to Zeke and Jesse James. Her cat 7 is such a sweet silly boy. She also has a guina(sp?) pig named Sophie.

I told her about TCS the other night and I am so glad she is here.
She moved south and left me up here in NY.

I personally wanted to give a big and a warm welcome to Emily.

I am soooooo glad you found the site.

Love ya girl!
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Here is a picture of 7. Not a very good one though....I will keep searching for a better one in my files.
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Welcome to the site! I'm glad Bobbie told you to stop in and say "hi". As I am certain others have shared with you, all the kitties adjust in their own time and in their own way. 7 sounds as if he is doing well (what a cutie, too). I know many members here (including myself) have gone through times when new ones were introduced, that their elder babies changed their habits. Usually they get tired of being second fiddle and go back to the places they were used to sleeping. The kitten will grow out of his crazy stage.
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I'm sure neutering your new boy will help. 7 will get through it!!
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Hey Emily...welcome to TCS....

I hope the situation with 7 gets better......usually this stuff just takes time, but you should get some great advice here......

I hope everything works out
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Thanks for all you messages. Bobbie I love ya. 7 is a sweetheart and I'll have to post a picture of the new baby. Don't know if it's a boy or a girl. I hope it is a boy, but it doesn't really matter. But we do need to name it. Patsy if it's a girl and Nix if it is a boy. Already 7 is starting to calm down. He does growl when he is trying to eat and the little one is playing with his tail What a pair!
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sounds normal to me - i think they'll work it out. i love 7's name! still waiting for his pic to load.
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Thanks, 7 has 7 toes on his front two feet and 6 on his back feet. It makes him look like he has mittens on and that is how he received his name.
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So Em.... how is the new baby??? Can you tell if it's a he or she yet? What do 7 and Sophie think now?

Your fish are doing good here.

I got the B-day card.... THANKS

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Hey Bobbie, No I can't really tell, but I think that it is probably a girl. I really did want a boy but I'm in love. This kitten is so much fun. Lots of attitude but very loving. Little one sleeps under my chin. 7 is really settling down. He came to sleep with me last night. Well until little one found him. I felt like my bed was a trampoline. 7 stills growls at him when he's eating. We have food in two places now. And that little cat fools with him in the litter box. If I see lo, I scoop him up. Now I have two loving cats!
The good thing is that now 7 doesn't sing all night long. He was lonely and bored. Plus he's losing some of his fat (fluff lol)
You know Sophie. She's such a pig. The kitten is scared of her. She is bigger than him. Matt's coming to visit this weekend. I'm picking him up today. Poor 7, he's not going to be happy. I'm glad you like the card. Kiss my fish for me LOL

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Originally Posted by emsteve
Kiss my fish for me LOL


UMMMM YUCK.... I do love ya....but I draw the limit with kissing fish.

I'll tell Dave to kiss them instead....K???


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