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The music download thread got me thinking about podcasts. I have just started looking for stuff that interests me in the way of free podcasts. Anyone found anything worth sharing?
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I am so glad you posted this. I got my Ipod a couple of weeks ago and really want to find a couple of Podcasts to subscribe to. I am particularly looking for a good news station, but so far I can't find anything decent, news related or otherwise.
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NPR has podcasts of their Morning Edition and All Things Considered, I believe. Try npr.org
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I subscribe to the NPR podcasts.

If you have an iPod, you probably use iTunes to manage the songs. You can search for podcasts there. I do that, also.

Another one I like is "An Animal Friendly Life".
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I listen to some on RTE (Ireland - only plave they have Gaelic which my grandmother spoke and a tough language to keep up on if you are outside northwest Ireland) and have listened to NPR. I like the idea of using Podcasts to create educational content and have been thinking of trying that for some of the CME's (medical education seminars) I do. I still need to do more research tho and since video conferencing is working well, there is less incentive to change. It may be cheaper tho so that's a consideration.
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