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Colorado Quick Change Weather

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Yesterday it was in the 80s. Last night at 2:00 a.m. (when Earl got home from DJing) it was still 65. Today, however, we reached our high before 8:00 of 59. It's just 50 out now. They have already issued a winter storm warning for our area for after 6:00 tonight and through tomorrow, and are saying that we could have up to a foot of snow by tomorrow at noon. High tomorrow of 34.

Crazy weather 'round here! I don't remember fall turning to winter quite this fast!!
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A foot of snow!!

That will make driving around interesting
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It seems that these days the seasons just change from one day to the next. Nice summery day 26c, BAM! next day it's 10c! Brrr... I need a gradual change, let me down easy. One good thing about the chilly nights - lots more snuggling under the duvet!
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I think yesterday was beautiful here in Denver! I had all the windows open, and the cats loved it. They even got the oppurtunity to "graze" in the backyard! Unfortuneately, it does have to snow like this for the Monday morning rush hour tomorrow, and I have to go to the airport tomorrow morning as well. I love driving on Pena in the snow... . YAY DENVER!!!
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Oh, Leviathan - good luck on Pena Blvd tomorrow morning!

There's already accidents in the mountains (Eisenhower Tunnel, if you're familiar with I-70). Chain laws are in effect up there. They have revised the forecast upward, saying that the metro-area will get 10" at least.

It's already raining, and the temps are dropping. Boy, this fall weather is a real kick around here!

BTW, we're supposed to be back up to the 70s by Friday.
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I just came home from visiting my sister in Bailey, Colorado. I got there last Tuesday night, and came home last night. Yesterday we were walking up the mountain in her back yard, the day before visited Garden of the Gods, wearing t-shirts! It's hard to believe that it could snow today!

You both live in the most beautiful area. It is so peaceful outside, and the views are breathtaking! Hopefully when I go back next year, I will be staying longer!
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Bailey is gorgeous!! I spend a lot of time up in that area in the summer. Becky, let me know when you're going to be in the area next year. I would love to meet up with you for lunch or something. Bailey is only about 30-40 minutes from my place, and I would be happy to come up there to meet you.
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I'll let you know for sure. This time I flew in, and was supposed to help watch my new baby niece while my sis went to work and worked from home. But she had an unusually slow work week, wedged between two huge projects, so we just visited and went for lots of walks.

Next year, the plan is to drive out with the whole family. So I will have my car, and be able to meet you for lunch (or come meet your kitties?!?). I'll definitely get in touch!
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Yikes!! Crazy weather!
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At least it will be back up in the mid 60s F by Wednesday. And we can experience all of the seasons in one week!
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Yay! We got some snow!!! But why does it snow on Monday instead of the weekend??

The poor trees who still have leaves are bowed to the ground, though. Be safe driving everyone!
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