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Ok, You all will think I am crazy now.

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I am the one with the cat I just adopted and found out that she is pregnant. Well, this is what happened last night. I was in the bathroom (will not say more on that) and Tabitha was in the tub playing in the puddle of water and I looked at her and said "do you want to keep your babies?". She turned and looked at me and said "Meow"!!! I just started to cry. SO.... my husband and I are going to let her have them and make sure they are all taken care of. Since she is my only cat now, we will probably keep one or more. I am such a sucker, but after that happened, I knew what we had to do. I will keep you all updated. I really love these forums. Everyone seems really nice.

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I am so happy you are going to let her have them. I am sure they will bring you years of joy!! One can never have too many cats!
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Tonya, you are a good soul. Best of luck with the birth, and show us pictures after! Abi
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Thanks for your well wishes. I just went and bought some film for my camera so I can have it handy. Anybody have any good sites with information on what items we will need, what we are to do, etc?

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I will be glad to give you some birthing instructions. Since you adopted the queen (mom cat) you don't know exact dates of breeding, but have been told she is about 6wks, she probably has about another 2-3 wks to go. Usual is 63 - 65 days. There are slight breed variations.

Go to the Health forum at this site, and there is a link to what to feed the expecting mom, and other good tips.

I am going to be tied up until the weekend, and will post a list of items, and instructions if you can't find what you are looking for in the links.

Meanwhile, do you know how many kittens are due? This is important, because when she delivers, you want to count the placentas. This can be determined by x-ray a week before due date, or by ultrasound imaging. The ultrasound is safest and gives real-time information (just like humans) but might be more expensive. If x-ray is your only option, the later the better, because the rays can cause damage to the developing kittens.
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Thanks Abi. I am not sure how many, the vet just said probably three. She only figured that by feeling her. I will call her and see about the costs of an ultrasound vs. x-ray. Thanks for your help.
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Ohh!! That is so kind of you mcbecca!! Please post pictures!

By any chance are you from Arizona? Reason I am asking is because you said you got your cat from a place called Pets,Inc. There is a pet store (sells kittens, puppies, fish, etc) in Arizona called Pets,Inc.!
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No, I am from South Carolina. I would love to live in Arizona though. Pets, Inc. here is supposed to be a non-profit organization that places abandoned dogs and cats. Don't get me started on them. Lots of horror stories, but I can't help but remember the animals still need good homes regardless of where they come from.

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Hi there Tonya:

I apologize for not posting a detailed list and instructions this weekend. I'm a doctor and was on call this past weekend.

I do have a list of items to get and have ready because my Lady McB will also have kittens soon.

There is a great book with birthing instructions (and great explanations of when and why to assist.

Most cats have a great instinct for what to do, and often take care of everything themselves. (when I was a kid, my cat went into the linnen closet and had kittens all by herself. When I came home from school, there they were!)

I'll write up the list of items to get, and also post the text that I referred to.
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Thanks Abi! You are great. She keeps going behind my washer and dryer and I am having to make sure my family keeps it closed since that could be dangerous. I will go to the library today and see if they have any books on this. Thanks again!.

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