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People Bedding Question!

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I finally caved...my husband drove me to the beauty supply store the other day and the mattress store next door was having a huge sale. So we are now upgrading from the full size mattress set i've had since the 4th grad to a queen. I guess it really was necessary...my husband is tall...he barely fit our bed. I love that bed though...but this one is really nice too.

So now we have no sheets and blankets! My aunt has bought us 2 sets of QVC's Northern Nights' flannel sheet sets that I absolutely love and do not want to part with. I could order some but the bed is being delivered tomorrow.

Then there's the fact that I bought a new comforter this summer that we havn't used yet because DH is going to paint the bedroom. It's full sized too.

So I could really use some suggestions on where to find good sheets and bedding, I think we'll try target for the sheets. I deffinatley want some good ones. I hate the feeling of thin sheets for some reason. So does anyone have any suggestions on where to shop for sheets? And any suggestions on other bedding? I can't wait on the bedding so I'm not as concerned about it yet. But I need to find some sheets somewhere in my area today. Thanks!
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I bought my last set at Target. The thing you want is a higher thread count. That's what makes the sheets soft.
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Yes, but with the higher thread count the price increases, too. If you are going with flannel, I would stay with a nice brand that promises only a certain percent of shrinkage. I have not tried flannel myself, but I would think they would be nice and warm.
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We recently tried the t-shirt like material bedding that Hanes makes - soft from the get-go!
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I love the jersey sheets! ( I think its probably the same thing Talon mentioned) I got all three Jersey sheet sets I have at Target, so that could be a good place to start. And another good thing, each came in a matching jersey bag! I don't store the sheets in the bag after each use, but they come in handy for storing other things..... Good luck! Oh, and another thing, if you have a TJ Maxx, sometimes you can find pretty good comforters there for a good price, just depends on when you stop in.
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that's the name! I saved those bags to. I've taken them on trips for dirty laundry.
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I love the jersey ones too - so comfy! I got some at WalMart once, good price!
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We have mostly jersey and flannel, only a couple sets of percale.
Target or QVC for us.
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I've got a full set and an additional set of sheets, pillow cases, shams and one duvet of Calvin Klein's bamboo set for less than $500 off EBAY! If you are familiar with this set at all, it retails (for all the stuff I got, including some throw pillows as well) for like $1000! Try ebay! All the stuff may be marked irregular, but it's never been used and you can never tell the diff!
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I buy tj maxx all the time. Dont throw out all your full size stuff yet! You will find that most queen size comforters are marked full/queen, as there is really only a difference of 9 inches. I have a full size matress and I have to buy a full size fitted sheet, but other than that queen size is just fine. My mom has a queen and my sheets fit her bed, a little tight, but just fine. So I would try the different sheets on your bed to be sure they dont fit first.

Sheets that are above 250 thread count are going to be your best bet no matter where you get them. I would search online at places like overstock.com too.

Cj made holes in my jersey knit sheets and I have found that they pill up around your legs (esp if one isnt so good about keeping up with shaving ) So I generally dont buy them. But now I want some flannel sheets.......
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Originally Posted by Roxy_loves_CJ
Cj made holes in my jersey knit sheets and I have found that they pill up around your legs (esp if one isnt so good about keeping up with shaving ) So I generally dont buy them. But now I want some flannel sheets.......
I generally twitch a whole lot at night, and get those pilled up balls of thread in my sheets, which drives me crazy. I have found that even less expensive egyptian cotton sheets are very durable and comfortable, with no pills! Check out Land's End if you want; there are some cheap ones in there and some good sales.

I think it's the longer fibers that make egypt. cotton sheets tougher. Bedding is big deal, if you want to sleep well.
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I use Velux blankets for sheets because they're really soft and they're not thin--I hate thin sheets too for some reason. I have a queen-sized bed and they fit it perfectly. They stay on pretty well also! No pilling or anything either. I have to wonder why they don't make actual sheets from the same material! I know I'll never buy normal sheets again. The best part is that they're so, so much cheaper than fancy 1-billion-thread-count sheets too! (And more comfortable IMO.)
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Lands End sheets are fantastic!
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