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I knew about Greenies for dogs, but when I was up at Petsmart on Friday, I noticed Greenies for cats. Iv'e tried all manner of treats for my two. Usually one likes the treat while the ohter just sniffs at it. I put greenies down in front of both of them... 'inhaled' within two seconds. Each. That, I believe, is a record for treats in this household.

not bad.

People have hailed the ones for dogs to be great treats. So we shall see about these. Anyone else use them? good or bad results? concerns? praises?

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Here's a previous post someone had:


And the general census was good. My cat LOVES greenies... but he'll eat almost anything, so it isn't saying much :p
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i had been buying the 99 cent sample bags at petsmart but went ahead and splurged on a full size bag for Peanut Butter. He loves these things. I had to put 2 different kinds of child locks on the cabinet where i keep them becuase he learned how to open one of the child locks. My dogs love the dog greenies too and the Hip Chips are a big hit here with the dogs too.
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I just got my free sample in the mail on Friday, and my cat's love these...
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Free Sample??? Where??? lol

Meish is picky and I was worried about getting her some the other day.....
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Oh nevermind found it.


for anyone else that would like a sample!!
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Thanks for posting that link, Beth!
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Napoleon Dynamite could do without, but Cassie prefers them to her real food I am convinced LOL!!!

They are great for their teeth, great for digestion, and full of good natural foods! We run out like every week!! LOL
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Thanks...I just sent for a sample.
Originally Posted by Ali012281
for anyone else that would like a sample!!
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