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Ginseng? anyone use it?

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I have NO energy anymore and have heard that Ginseng has the ability to help you gain back the energy you lost. The problem is, I also take seizure meds and I don't want to affect those in ANY way ya know?
so my question is, does anyone take it and how does it affect you? Also do you think it is a good idea to take it with my seizure meds? I know I should ask my doctor but he is impossible to get ahold of so I'm asking the best bunch of people I know and CAN get ahold of!!!!!
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Instead of ginseng, try yerba mate, which is a tea. It's the national beverage of argentina, has been used as traditional herbal medicine for AGES and is bascially a panacea for all that ills us. Ginseng's effects are a little too close to caffeine (which I absolutely cannot have) for my taste, but Mate is amazing. It's been used as a weight-loss aid, a natural sustained energy booster, to do bodily detox and restore the natural balance, promote mental clarity and give you a gigantic dose of antioxidants. You can find it at place's like Whole Foods Market or Trader Joe's, or any tea/health food store.
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I don't know about re-enrgizing oneself with ginsing but it makes an aboslutly fabulouse addition to iced tea!
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I buy my yerba mate at WalMart. It's called Traditional Medicinals and comes in 20 teabags. For optimum effect though, you should be brewing the mate loose rather than in bags. Yerba has caffiene in it, but I don't know how much.
What about trying gingseng in a tea? I don't think a tea would interact harmfully with your meds. Mind you, that might make it too weak to really be effective.
There are lots of homeopathic remedies out there to try. Worth a trip to the health store!
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I admittedly don't have much faith in ginsing - mostly b/c so much it it is unregulated. If you can get it somwhere where they gurantee it is the real thing and good quality, like an organic farm of some kind, maybe. I do not know anything about the other herbal mentioned.

The scientist in me would suggest you have a check up to make sure this is not a medical problem. Vitamin B12 helps me immensely and is good for you!!! Andf you need to be cautious in taking herbals with other meds since some can prove a dangerous combo (even two prescriptions can be NOY good which is why you need to tell your doctor everything you are taking before s/he prescribes anything to you)

Be cautious with herbals and buy the ones that are known to actually work - there are studies that show which ones are credible and which ones are not. I guess I am akeptical of a lot of them except that I do know Rescue Remedy and cocculine works for the kitties, lol (and I can't tell you why which bothers me but they do work, <g>)

Here is one page of info about ginseng and adverse reactions:

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If you want to use Ginseng make sure the quality is good. The good ones can go up to about $1000.
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