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Barb (Jugen)

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how are the wedding plans going?!!?

Have you been dress shopping yet?
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ya, come on Barb....we want details!!!
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hi everyone! sorry I have been sick and working so much that I haven't been on here much.. no new wedding plans as of yet. i think that since we decided that we are NOW going to Hawaii to get married, that he thinks that he is off the hook until next year...LOL! goofy men! I promise when something wedding like comes up, you'll be the first ones to know...
BTW: congrats debby on your pregancy!!!!!!!
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Thank you Sorry to hear you have been sick.
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debby, thanks.. I feel alot better now...I hope you are feeling great too!!!!!! BTW: how far along are you???
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Are they making you work long hours, again because someone didn't show up for work???
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no Tig hon, I think they are making me work so many hours because they like to see me suffer!
Deb, wow 17 weeks! are you going to find out if it is a boy or a girl or just keep that a surprise???

ok that is strange? I posted this on the 27th and it says the 23rd and it has my post over Debbys... cat site has some poltergiests????
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Barb, I am 17 weeks
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