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indoor/outdoor with a fence

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not to start anything but would anybody agree to letting their cat out to be in a completely fenced in area, with the top curved so that they can't jump out? I'd be perfectly fine with doing this if i'm supervising because they can't get out and other cats can't get in. I've heard of people doing this.
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My hubby and I have been talking about doing this, but I just can`t really decide. First I`m for it, cause they would LOVE it....but then I think about other animals coming up to the fenc and "giving them something"...and the fact that fleas and ticks could still get on them....and gosh, I wish I knew what to do!
Some people on here do have outdoor enclosures...Hissy is one .
Sooo ...those of you who do have one....in the words of Dr. Phil.."how is that workin for ya?"
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I don't see any problem with it so long as the cat is protected against what it can pick up outside. And don't forget mosquitoes ... they carry Heartworm and West Nile Virus.
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My 2 cents....I have a fence cap around my patio, and it is like an outdoor room. I think a whole yard would be wonderful. My only fear is what if they do get out, so I never leave the house while they are outside, they must be in when I am gone and at night. Just to be on the safe side. Best of luck!
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My cats live outside confined by a cat fence in system. It attaches to a chain link fence or a wooden one. there is no top. There are braces that attach to the fence that are covered in a type of netting. My cats have lived like this for five years. My husband developed allergies and we had no choice. They can't get out, other animals can't get inside. They love being outside and it has provided us a way to keep our cats. No, it is not as good a setup as having them inside, but it works for us and our cats. They have never gotten out in the five years they have lived outside.
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