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So I'm off to Seattle come Thursday

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Does anyone else hate travelling on short notice?

I prefer at least a couple weeks to make sure I don't forget to do/pack something.
I get stressed over it actually.
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Is it for business??
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No, it's for a memorial service, my stepdad's mom.
But I'll be staying until they load the RV up for their Winter migration to Arizona, and they'll bring me home on their way down.
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Very sorry to hear that...have a safe trip.
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Definitely don't like the short notice. Back in January, on a Tuesday, I was asked if I had a passport (and I did). By Friday, I was on a plane to Ireland. The two days in between were filled with hassles of getting the plane and hotel arrangements, getting a corporate card, and trying to get information on what exactly I was supposed to accomplish. I was cranky and stressed which didn't help with the plane ride.

Some day I hope to go back on a more relaxed trip and enjoy Ireland.

I hope all goes well with you and that you remember everything you need to pack.
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At least I'm fortunate enough to have a best buddies relationship with my folks, otherwise, I would not be able to tolerate so much time in an RV with them.
They live in it.
I never cared much for my stepdad's mom, she treated my mother pretty badly.
But I did respect her, and I love my stepdad, otherwise, I would not be going.

They will probably also take me by to see the house they are buying for me, of course, that will just make me want to hurry up and move
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Just take it as an opportunity to pay respects and to spend some time with people you love. On travelling, I used to have to travel at an hour's notice, all over hte world, when I was a journalist. I kept a bag packed all the time. Even now, 20 years later, I can pack for any trip anywhere in ten minutes! When packing, go through your day starting with doing your face in the morning, and pack the essentials, with enough underwear for three days ( I never took more as you can always wash things in that time) then think of any events you know about that will need special clothes for, then a couple of general outfits, taking into account the likely weather where you will be going. Most people take far too much.
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I love my multipurpose wardrobe.
I can dress anything I have up or down, it does certainly save on suitcase space.
Wear one pair of shoes on the trip pack the other pair, usually ends up as 3 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of sweats, 4 tops and three t-shirts, a pair of casual dress shoes and a pair of sneakers.
I always wear sweats and go barefoot when not out in public
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I actually prefer to not have a ton of time to pack. Though it's been a couple of years since I've gone any where!

I'm sorry to hear of the reason for the trip, but enjoy being with family, and seeing your home to be I'm not sure what you will encounter..the lovely low 60's autumn light seattle or the rainey and cold mess we've also had this past week.
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