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my new kitten ^_^

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Yes... so, i've been begging my mother to let me get a kitten for a while now... i wanted to get one from a shelter, but my mother couldn't afford it, so we got one for free from a family that was going to take him to a shelter. Yes... and i have a thing for naming animals after famous people, so, his name is;
First Name: Jeordie (taken from Jeordie White, ex bassist of Marilyn Manson and A Perfect Circle. now working with NIN)
Middle Name: Zan (taken from Zinny Zan, swedish new age 80s rockstar)
Last name: Jones (our last name )
yup yup.. Jeordie for short, of course ^_^. Hmm.. he's about 3 months old.

yes.. so... pictures!

Picture removed because it was larger than the size required. Please contact a Mentor for assistance in resizing

(<-- that picture is strange ^_^)

(<-- he's on his basket thing ^_^)

yeah... he's quite ordinary looking, but i still think he's amazingly adorable ^_^
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He is a lovely boy and I hope you have many happy years with him. But I would like to add a little warning note - I hope you have thought of the expense of having a kitten. They never come for free! You will need to take him to the vet for his shots and check-up, and then in a month or two, to get him neutered. Many people here find they take on a cat and then have a medical emergency and can't afford the vet bills. I suggest that you put away a little sum each month from your allowance, or that your mother does somehow, to pay for the problems that crop up with every cat. Good luck.
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What a pretty orange tabby!
Good suggestion about putting away a bit of $ for the vet bills! Hopefully after getting him fixed and shots...he won`t have many medical expences other than yearly shots. You should have less problems of that nature if he is an indoor kitty only!
Good luck to you both!
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yes yes yes, we know about the vet payments . My mother just couldn't afford to pay for the actual cat right now... but she gets paid this week, so yeah. And this was the only chance we could get a cat, so we didn't want to wait forever .

and yeah... we're taking him to the vet soon. I think next week ^_^.
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Congrats on the new kitty. What a adorable face!
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What a cutie!
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Jeordie is adorable!!! I red babies!!!
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Congratulations on your new adorable kitten!
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Oh he is cute!
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You're right! He is amazingly adorable!
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He's gorgeous!
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He is so cute, and he look a bit like my Timmy
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