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Glad to have found this site

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Hi. I am new to this site but appreciate the support, having three cats I have a 12 year old Maine Coone, with Chrohn's disease; a 7 year old Siamese/Tabby and a 10 month old black tabby. The younges, Max, is my problem at the moment. He is a very different sort, very demanding and emotional. He plays fetch like a maniac - wants to play all the time. He has taken over as the dominant male in this house since his arrival. I found this strange that a newcomer, and a kitten at that, would be able to assume this position but he has the other two, Badger is the seven year old Siamese/Tabby and Chicklette, my Maine Coone under his control. Thanks for being there. Hope I can be of help to some of you as well.
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Welcome. Of my 2 males, my younger is the Alpha male, as well. Doesn't bother him at all. It was the older one that had a problem adjusting! Fortunately, their personalities are so different that they don't clash very much.
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Dear Deb25,
Thanks for the warm welcome. Your two cats are so cute. It seems a lot of people have orange cats (or are they called reds?) I've never had a Garfield type cat. Are their temperments different than other cats? I'll have to get some photos of my three soon.
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Welcome to the site! My youngest is also the dominant male - he eats first, get attention first, plays first etc. I just think my other cats don't care because they get enough love as is.
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Out of my 8 cats my Alpha is the smallest female. Go figure! All the others watch her closely when she comes in the room and they make room for her first at the food tray. I have yet to figure out how she maintains such control over the bunch, any newcomer that arrives is quickly put in place by her. It makes me laugh to watch her work.
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Just wanted to say Hi and welcome you here!
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Hi again dl,

I'm no expert on orange tabbies, but I do have kind of an affinity toward them. I have heard that they have better temperments. This comes from both the vet and workers at the Humane Society. My 2 have personalities as different as night and day, but it is their uniqueness that endears them to me.
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