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little problem...

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ok, we jsut got a new cat named Charlie, who we're planning to spay as soon as we get through with the whole flea prblem(we have five pet's and frankly we can't pay for that meany tripsto the vet....) we're going to egt him spayed...and de-clawed. Now, I've gotten into countless fights over this with my mom. She say's that we need to get him declawed..and I say that he doesn't need it. but after I think about it..maybe he'd be better off getting de-clawed. he's an indoor cat and our two other cats are de-clawed and perfectly fine. But he's got...problems. he has no controll over contracting his claws and stuff. he get's them stuck in the carpet and the rope poll. and frankly....I'm getting really sick of him scratching me. he's scratched very place possable on me. my stumic, my feet, my legs, my arms and mostly my hands. *holds up elft and and show's you long cut down the side of it* it really bugs my mom to. I'm jsut woudnering what any of you all think. should he egt de-clawed...or not?

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First of all before you go ahead with the declaw, show your mum this link

The vast majority of the members here at TSC are very anti-declaw, and this is a very sensitive subject.
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As Susan said, the vast majority of us here are very strongly against declawing our cats.
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