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My mutt-cat, London, eats anything and never has a problem with it. Alcott, however, throws up randomly after eating. There doesn't seem to be a specific food that does it, as I've given him wet in a variety flavors as well as dry, and it happens occasionally with both.
Because the wet-food vomit is more difficult to clean up, I'm just feeding dry now, but have noticed that this causes them to shed more. Are there any supplements I can give to make up for the lack of wet food?
Also, is there anything that might help with the vomiting? His stool is softer than London's as well. He seems to just have a really sensitive stomach.
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What dry are they eating?? I like olive oil but that is not easy to use on dry ...
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It's good stuff-- Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care Kitten food. It's in a pink bag? They're also drinking filtered water, if that matters.
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That's pretty decent food ... but some cats are just sensitive to premium food, too. If you've ruled out any other cause, I'd suggest switching to a different brand of high-quality food.
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Is Alcott a bigger cat - Bumps is very tall and the vet recommended raising his bowl so that its easier for him to digest food (think bending over with your head at your waist and eating). That helped loads with Bumps.

Also it may be certain colourings in foods (even the higher quality foods use colourings) - many cats have a problem with red dyes
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Yes actually- Alcott is HUGE. He's still a kitten, but he's going to be enourmous. I'll def. try raising his food dish. The food doesn't appear to have any red dye in it, but perhaps it does. I'll try raising the bowl first and seeing where it gets me.
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Is he throwing up fur with the food? My cat goes through spells where she throws up food - I thought it was the brand of food or else she had a sensitive tummy. I changed the food at the recommendation of the vet, but she was still vomiting. I closer inspected it, and noticed she usually threw up some fur with the food. She then started throwing up what looked like bullets of fur. I started giving her lax for hairballs, and it helped. She doesn't throw up as often, but she still goes through bi-weekly to monthly vomiting spells. It's like she's trying to get that fur out of her tummy. Doubling up on the cat lax helps.

It also may be worms. Maisey got tapeworms shortly after she came to live with me - this caused vomiting and malaise. I noticed a lot of tapeworm eggs, though, which was the red flag. I'm not sure if other types of worms will lay the eggs, or if they're as visible - I've heard that heartworm is tough to diagnose, so maybe not.
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