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Hello Everyone! - See updated photos of my 'family'

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Hello everyone.... I've been soooooo busy..... but since we have a new additon to the family I thought I'd share new photos - enjoy!

This is Cooper my only little girl.... she's already 2 years old!!!

This is Jack my big boy.... he's 15lbs and 1 year old!!!

This is Tucker my new little boy.... 8 weeks old and 2lbs!!!

Sleepy Tucker!

Tucker loves Jack sooooo much (Jack is so kind & loving with the little guy!)

Hope you've enjoyed my new family

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I only see the dreaded red x but hello to you!!
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Fixed the red x
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Wow... Tucker is so handsome!!! I love orange babies!!!
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Oh there all butiful you have such a lovely family there Tucker is a little hunny I have a bit of a thing for red cats not that I'm biest or anything when it comes to red cats
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aaaaaaw that's so wonderful that he's getting on so well with Jack too! Bless his little paws he's adorable!!
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Love the last picture of Tucker and Jack!
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Gorgeous cats!

I'll move this to Fur Pages for you so the others can see
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aww they are well nice.
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Tucker is a adorable say hello to cooper and jack nice pics thanks for sharing
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What cute kitties....looks like Tucker and Jack are already "Best Buds"!
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Awww!!, that pic of Tucker and Jack is precious!
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Just love the one of little Tucker snuggling up to his big "uncle" Jack!
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Awwww! Tucker & Jack together are soooo cute!
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Thoes are cute pictures! Poor Jack! But they look so cute cuddled together!
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What sweet kitties!
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awwwww... love the last pic...
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i love the pics of Tucker and Jack! they are precious!
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Originally Posted by yayi
Love the last picture of Tucker and Jack!
definitely an 'awwww' pic!
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Hi Lizza!! Boy, it has been a while since we've seen you!

Cooper is such a pretty girl. Jack has really grown up! I remember him as such a little kitten - with BIG feet! LOL And AAAWWW, Tucker is so cute, and Jack is such a good big bro.
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Glad to see you back and your new addition to the family! What a cutie!
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Your fur family looks too cute! Jack is a very handsome laddie I must say... and such a gentle boy too!
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The pics of Jack and Tucker together are precious!
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